Moving to New Zealand requires careful planning and organisation. Knowing when to go, what to take, and how to get it there can be difficult without the right assistance. This is where Allied can help. As the largest international moving company in the world and our own offices across New Zealand, we understand the complexity of moving to a new country.

Allied can provide you with ‘door to door’ moving service to Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington or any other city across New Zealand. Allied can assist you move from Melbourne to Auckland, the Sunshine Coast to Christchurch, Sydney to Wellington, Brisbane to Nelson, Perth to Timaru, Hobart to Dunedin or Devonport to Invercargill. If you’re looking for the best international removalists to ship your items to New Zealand, you’ve come to the right place.

Allied ISO Quality systems ensure you are moving with the industry leaders when moving from Australia to New Zealand. All our locations have quality systems and processes in place when it comes to how we wrap and handle your furniture items. Our removalist training academy also ensures that you receive the same moving service standards across both New Zealand and Australia.


Our International Removals Services to New Zealand

Allied are the international furniture removals and relocation specialists in Australia. Our expert team of friendly, professional removalists have helped thousands of individuals and families make the move overseas to their new home in New Zealand and we would love to do the same for you. If you’re thinking about moving overseas from Australia, do so with the moving company more Australians trust to get them there in one piece. Our international relocation services include:


When you are looking to move boxes and furniture items into New Zealand they will require some attention prior to shipping. Our international wrapping material has been specially designed in a three-layer construction to provide your personal effects with the ultimate protection whilst in transit.

The first layer is ‘Cellfoam’ which is a non-abrasive material made up of tiny air cells that allows the furniture items to breathe. The second layer is bubblewrap which provides cushioning of the items against denting, rubbing, and other transit-related risks. The third layer is a polywoven material which is extremely durable and offers tear and rubbing resistance like no other product on the market.

Our international wrapping material offers the ultimate protection for your furniture when moving overseas and do not leaving any marks, indentations or scratches like other products sometimes used with the moving industry and up to 4 times stronger than some of the lower cost wrapping available.
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Despite being renowned as The Careful Movers, there are certain risks involved in any household move when moving your furniture across the Tasman . There are sometimes circumstances outside of our direct control which is why the team at Allied recommend considering our International Transit insurance for your next overseas move. Your possessions are important to you and our international removals team do everything we can to ensure your precious cargo is packed, wrapped and transported safely and securely with your move to New Zealand.

In the unlikely event your furniture or home contents are affected, Allied offers a comprehensive transit and storage insurance solution for household moves and can provide you with a comprehensive “New for Old” cover. Ask our team for a copy of Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) so you can consider the most appropriate level of cover that best suits your needs.
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We understand that when moving to New Zealand you may require either short or long term storage. With storage facilities in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington, Hamilton and others all across the country our purpose-built facilities ensure your furniture and treasures are stored safely and securely. We offer a range of storage plans at competitive prices, enabling you to deal with just one company throughout the entire moving process.

Allied has more furniture storage centres worldwide than any other moving company. Our specially designed “Homepack” system ensures your furniture items are sealed and kept clean in wooden storage modules.

These units have been designed to allow the furniture to breathe, and are also dust-proof and vermin-proof. All items placed into storage will be listed on an inventory list, then packed and moved to a designated Allied storage facility and placed into a secure storage environment.

Thanks to our network of storage facilities across Australia and New Zealand, access to your stored belongings is never too far away*. A call to your local Allied office is all it takes to arrange the delivery of all or some of your stored belongings to your new home.
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Vehicle Transport

Allied are not just a furniture moving company! We can also assist with shipping your car to New Zealand and provide you with information pertaining to the government regulations and laws that you need to be aware of so you can be well informed about the pros and cons of bring your vehicle with you.

When importing a vehicle into New Zealand they may be subject to tax and duty. Foreign passport holders (with qualifying Visa) and returning NZ residents (who have lived outside NZ for more than 21 months) are allowed entry duty-free but may be subject to GST, provided the vehicle has been owned and used for one year prior to shipment and is not sold or disposed of for two years after importation.

Vehicles must comply with NZ Transport Authority standard regulations – this should be checked in detail prior to shipment. All vehicles have a basic structural inspection and are inspected by MPI for biosecurity risks at the ‘border’ (our approved stores) and should be clean inside and out.

It is important to speak with one of our move consultants about the process as rules and regulations are subject to change and will vary at times depending on the individual circumstance.
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Pet Transport

Moving to New Zealand can be a stressful experience when leaving family and friends behinds. The team at Allied understand that Pets can also be part of the extended family and a major consideration when moving across the ditch.

We have specialised pet transportation services that make it very practical and straightforward to bring your favourite furry friends!

There are certain regulations required for entry such as dogs and cats being micro-chipped prior to arriving into New Zealand. You must also ensure that the animals have Rabies vaccinations, importation permits and a Veterinary Export Health Certificate which our pet providers will step you through as part of the process.

As regulations can often change we always would recommend that you speak to your  Allied move consultants to ensure we can refer you to an approved specialist in this area.
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Additional Services

At Allied, we offer a complete door-to-door international removals service so you don’t have to lift a finger. Imagine how great it will feel having the entire moving process taken care of by New Zealand’s most experienced mover. Arrive relaxed and organised in your new home thanks to our professional movers, by combining some or all of the following moving services:

  • Pre-Move Services
  • Organising your belongings
  • Complete unpacking services
  • Home cleaning services
  • Home handyman services

Speak to our friendly team to see how we can assist with moving you to New Zealand and take the stress out of moving!
Learn more about additional services with Allied

We offer additional services to make your move easier


Moving to New Zealand can be the adventure of a lifetime, and a stressful experience at the same time! The moving team at Allied are the international experts to ensure we make the process run like clockwork.

With almost 400 years of overseas moving experience, an extensive Global Service Charter, and numerous International industry accreditations, you can relax in knowing that your furniture is in safe hands when relocating them to Australia. Allied have been voted the International Moving Company of the year for the past four years running, which is a testament to our award winning service across Australia and New Zealand.

Allied has 10 locations across New Zealand, including Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington, to ensure that you are dealing with the same company the entire way through your move process. No messy third parties or agents! We have a global tracking system to make sure you are well across the key milestones of your relocation and are only an email or phone call away to answering any of your questions you may have. That’s the Allied Advantage!

As in Australia, our New Zealand locations also have purpose built storage facilities that are safe and secure should you need some time to find a new home when you arrive. We ensure the safety of your goods by having a complete inventory of the items being held in our care and condition report upon entry and exit. All facilities have state of the art security systems to ensure you can relax in knowing your items are safe and secure upon your arrival into New Zealand.

What do you need to do when moving overseas from Australia to New Zealand?

To ensure your international furniture removal requirements to New Zealand are not only met, but exceeded, choose the removalist company that helps you understand what it take to undertake a successful overseas move.

Do I have to be in the country when my goods arrive into New Zealand?

Yes if you wish to import your effects free of Customs charges.  If you are not in New Zealand then Customs charges will usually apply.  Please discuss with your Move Consultant.

How long will it take to get my items from Australia to New Zealand?

Transit times will always vary depending on the size and method of shipping.  The timeframes below are an “indicative” and it is imperative that you seek exact clarification from our moving teams once the shipment is booked.

  • Sole Use Container normally will take 3 – 5 weeks.
  • Shared Container normally will take 8 – 10 weeks

Once you have booked your move with Allied we will give you a more accurate timeframe.

From when my goods arrive in New Zealand, how long will they take before final delivery?

7 – 10 working days for sole use and 10 – 14 working days for shared container as a general rule from vessel arrival to delivery. This will depend on having all customs information completed correctly by the time the vessel arrives.   Please note that for regional locations around New Zealand you need to allow some additional time for road transport to the area.

These time frames are dependent on all documents being received in good order prior to the arrival of your goods, and may be extended during busy periods especially during December – February.

Are there any items that are prohibited or restricted from importation?

There are certain items that can not be imported into New Zealand. Prohibited Items are:-

  • Drugs of dependence: narcotics, hallucinogens, amphetamines, barbiturates and tranquilizers
  • Certain foodstuffs (dairy and meat products, honey etc)
  • Plant, soil, seeds
  • Skins/hides/ivory/feathers (or items manufactured from them) belonging to animals and birds on the endangered/protected species lists unless accompanied by a CITES Export permit issued in the country of export.
  • Certain firearms and other weapons
  • Ornamental pipes (including Sheesha or Hookah pipes) and other cannabis or methamphetamine utensils
  • Pornographic or objectionable material

Items that are restricted and may require approval to import include:

  • Non prohibited firearms and weapons
  • Medicines (including herbal medicines).  Prescription items must be in the original containers and a copy of the prescription provided for NZ Customs.
  • All items of quarantine risk  such as food, outdoor sports and camping equipment, garden tools, untreated timber or timber products, bamboo, cane or rattan, plants or items made from plant materials (including Xmas decorations, pot pourri etc), biological specimens.

Can I bring food into New Zealand?

As above some foodstuffs are prohibited.  All others are subject to inspection which can delay clearance and there are inspection charges that you will need to pay.   Please check with your Move Consultant before including any foodstuffs in your shipment.

What documents will I be required to provide for clearance?

  • A completed and signed Unaccompanied Personal Baggage declaration form
  • An MPI Supplementary declaration form
  • Passport (photograph and signature pages plus any relevant visa pages)  – scan quality copies – for all family members
  • Purchase receipts or proof of value for any new items
  • Descriptive Inventory of goods in English. The Packing Crew will complete this during packing unless you pack the goods yourselves.
  • A detailed list of all medicines (including herbal medicines) with quantities. For prescription items copies of the prescriptions are also required.

For vehicles

  • a copy of the original purchase receipt
  • a copy of the registration document.
  • It may also assist to have copies of service and insurance records as evidence of ownership.

Can I take my Car?


All vehicles being imported to New Zealand are subject to compliance with New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) safety standards. You should verify your vehicle complies in advance of shipping.

All cars will require an inspection by MPI Quarantine upon arrival to ensure it is free of excessive dirt, dust and other foreign materials that may be harmful to the environment and a basic structural inspection by the agency appointed by NZTA.  Should any vehicle not meet the quarantine standard then treatment will be ordered (steam cleaning, fumigation, vacuum etc) which is at the clients expense.

Vehicles owned and used overseas for at least 12 months imported by clients that meet certain conditions specified by NZ Customs can be imported free of Customs charges by signing an undertaking not to dispose of them for 2 years from importation.

Some other common items that are considered vehicles by NZ Customs include children’s motorised scooters over 50cc, off road farm bikes (2 and 4 wheel) and battery-operated push bikes which are subject to the same regulations but do not require the structural inspection.

It is important to speak with one of our move consultants about the process as rules and regulations are subject to change and will vary at times depending on the individual circumstance.

Do I have to steam clean before I go?

No, steam cleaning is not mandatory prior to exporting your car to New Zealand, however it certainly can’t hurt and may minimise risk and additional charges that can be involved should this be required.

Vehicles (and other machinery such as jet skis, lawn mowers or chainsaws) are subject to MPI biosecurity requirements and are inspected on arrival. Before shipping, vehicles should be cleaned thoroughly inside and out, including underneath and around the wheels and wheel arches. If you do elect to steam clean, ensure the whole vehicle including the engine is cleaned. Contaminated vehicles will be directed for treatment and treatment and re-inspection charges apply.

Should I fumigate my goods before I leave for New Zealand?

We do not recommend this because Quarantine will inspect your items upon arrival and there are many different types of treatment used and fumigation is only one method.

In most cases, treatment is usually limited to specific items as opposed to the entire consignment.

Do I have to clean my goods before shipping to New Zealand?

It is always a good idea to clean your outdoor items before shipping. Equipment such as mowers, line trimmers, wheelbarrows, garden tools, sports equipment like golf clubs and camping gear should all be cleaned to try and remove dust, soil, grass, seeds and any other debris.  It is also wise to clean out your vacuum cleaner bags / unit to ensure no dust or dirt is present.

Will I have to pay duty on my household goods when shipping them to New Zealand?

New and/or unused items are subject to Duties and Taxes. Tobacco products are also subject to duties and taxes and alcohol may be.  In most circumstances used personal and household effects are permitted to enter free of any tax or duty provided you have owned and used your personal possessions in the Country you are moving from and hold an approved document authorising residence.  As the laws and regulations vary please discuss the specific rules and regulations surrounding the payment of Duties and Taxes in New Zealand with your Moving Consultant or move Coordinator to ensure you have the most up to date information at hand.

Can I take alcohol to New Zealand?

Customers can ship alcohol in their consignment, however you will need to declare what you are importing and depending on your circumstances there may be tax payable.

Can I pack my own belongings?

Yes you can, but it is important that your follow our Packing Guide to ensure you meet the requirements of the Customs and Quarantine services. The cost for our Movers to pack to Customs and Quarantine standard is very competitive and we will complete the inventory to the standards required by Customs and Quarantine.   You will also need to complete a detailed valued inventory of owner packed goods for insurance purposes.

Can I pack items into my own boxes?

We always recommend to use our professional moving boxes which are superior in strength from most other cartons available. As they are of the highest quality they normally hold more weight and are more durable for the move across the Tasman.

More important, they are free from dust and dirt and fully recyclable to ensure that you minimise the risk of any inspection fees with older and potentially dust carrying boxes.

Any boxes that have previously been used to carry food are prohibited to enter New Zealand under the Quarantine laws in place so it makes sense to contact your local office and enquire on the options available.

Our international moving service to New Zealand  has been designed with your needs in mind as we offer part packing and full packing services to best suit your budget. We can even provide unpacking services, relocate cars and pets!

Our international wrapping materials are of the highest quality. We have moving boxes in all different shapes and sizes to ensure we protect your furniture items whilst moving to New Zealand. For those higher value items which may need some added protection we also offer customized crating and packaging to ensure their ultimate protection whilst moving to their new home.

We have many shipping services available. These range from “Shared Containers” where you have a small amount of furniture to be moved so you only pay for the space you use in the container. The transit period will be slightly longer and if you are not in a hurry for your furniture items this option can be a very cost effective way in moving to New Zealand.

For those customers with full households to be moved our “Sole-Use” transit method may be more convenient and cost effective where we can then plan around specific dates and time frames when moving across the ditch to New Zealand The timeframe will depend on the specific locations and customers regulations. Speak to one our move consultants for more information.

We can arrange air freight services where goods are required in a very short space of time to get you up and running in your new home in NZ. Speak to one of our move consultants for more information and what type of transit method will best suit your needs and budget.

When moving to New Zealand it is very important to consider the protection of your goods during transit as there are always risks involved. Even with all the careful packing and loading by Allied your goods will be then loaded onto a container ship at the shipping port for its journey across the Tasman.

Not only are there logistical factors in this process but furniture is not designed to be moved! This is why Allied have developed our comprehensive Transit and Storage policy to give you total peace of mind whilst your goods are in transit. As part of this process we have our own Financial Services Licence* which allows us the flexibility to offer our customers cover for your effects to their full replacement value (new for old) when moving overseas and in the rare instance of a claim ensuring you deal with a dedicated case manager – no messy third parties!

*Financial Services Licence # 294595 is registered under the name of SIRVA Pty Ltd trading as Allied.

Importing your furniture & household items to New Zealand

Moving to New Zealand may not seem all that difficult as many people relocate to much further destinations each year right? Same language (with some twists) and short distance (Sydney to Auckland) being just over 2000 kilometers away!!

In fact, moving to New Zealand can be one of the more complicated moving destinations due to the strict bio-security measures they have in place! Like Australia the Kiwis are rightly proud of their countries unique and diverse environment, and have some very stringent regulations in place to protect it for future generations.

When moving to New Zealand, there are important considerations that you need to make sure of when relocating. It is important that all of your belongings are packed and labeled in the right way, and that they’re all acceptable for the authorities on the other side

The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) oversees Biosecurity at the NZ border and carries out inspections on all arriving individual shipments and orders treatment where required. Initially packing lists and your declarations are screened to determine if the shipment contains items of risk. Where these are present they will be inspected, and inspection charges are payable. Separate charges will result if any treatment is ordered, which will vary depending on the treatment required.

For example, you won’t be allowed to bring any items into the country that are covered in mud or dirt. This is because of the potential to contaminate the environment in New Zealand with foreign materials – so make sure all of your shoes and sports clothes are cleaned before you pack them up!

Your Move Consultant will provide you with an MPI supplementary declaration form prior to packing to help you recognise which of your belongings are risk goods and how you can prepare them to eliminate or reduce the risks.  This person will also be able to organise the entire move so you don’t have to stress about things like filling out the correct paperwork.

Allied has been moving people from Australia to New Zealand for decades, so we know the ins and outs of international moving. No matter where you’re moving in New Zealand there’s a lot to organize and a lot can go wrong if you try to go it alone. Get in touch with the Allied team today to make your move across the ditch as smooth as possible.


Taking care of the forms

When moving into New Zealand our import team will be there to work alongside you. We will assist with providing the necessary forms and information that you need for a smooth transition.

When moving with Allied you are working with a team of dedicated international moving experts that understand all the regulations and documentation required. There’s no need to study up on legal terms and your rights and responsibilities if you are using our services as we are here every step of the way to assist you with the paperwork required. That’s the Allied difference.

International Resources

As we have relocated thousands of clients across the ditch we have many years of experience with international moving and the questions clients ask. Our moving to New Zealand “Fact Sheets” are a great step in beginning your research when moving to New Zealand.

We have also compiled some FAQ’s for clients moving to New Zealand and great range of moving tips and resources for migration, visas and country-specific facts. Should these not address your specific questions, we are only a phone call away!

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I received a very friendly welcome at the depot and advice to repack for the safety of my belongings – then with my permission the guys did it for me! I was very impressed. When it came to collection at the other end the depot gave follow up calls and ensured I knew where my boxes were and when to expect them. Then they arrived about a week early so I was very pleased! Planning on using them again soon. Great value for money and lovely people to deal with.
Tessa, Melbourne

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