You’ll want these vehicles freighted by the professionals

If you're a petrol head, or have a particular notion for powerful engines, be they on a motorbike or classic car, you'll want only expert hands transporting your prized vehicles when you move overseas.

The vehicles below are perfect examples of what should only be handled by the professional moving teams at Allied. You don't want your perfect Ford Focus RS to be scratched on the back of a truck or in a freight boat because it wasn't protected properly!

1) A classic car

Classic cars are prized possessions in Australia. People spend hours upon hours making sure their classics don't deteriorate or stop running reliably, so when you hand it over before your move, you want the assurance that it'll arrive in exactly the same condition as you left it.

Is your classic car in good hands? With Allied, it is.Is your classic car in good hands? With Allied, it is.

It might be that the original paint on the car is delicate and can't be scratched. The hand-brake could even be a 60s classic and only work if pulled extremely hard. No matter the situation with your classic car, the Allied team will make sure it's well looked after. We can also provide Transit Insurance for your vehicle to ensure your total peace of mind for any unforeseen event that may take place – especially if moving your car overseas.

When moving your vehicle overseas, there are also customs regulations that need to be complied with – we sort that out for you, so you don't have to become a customs expert just to move to the United States!

2) A motorbike

The same goes for your prized motorbike – particularly if moving overseas.

The same goes for your prized motorbike – particularly if moving overseas. You need to make sure the people in control of the transportation are experienced and will look after everything to the best of their ability. When it's on the truck or boat, you want peace of mind that it's well looked after. You're going to be much better off handing the keys over to the professional moving services from Allied, and let the team get it right for you.

We have customised crates that can be used in the transportation of bikes. Whether you are transporting your Harley-Davidson, Norton or Ducati, the team at Allied is here to help. It might be fast on land, and have all the TLC in the world sitting in your garage, but if you're moving across the world, your motorbike won't be able to have that same care and attention at all times. You need to choose movers you can trust.

Let Allied carry the load for you, and give yourself peace of mind that all of your vehicles will arrive safe and sound. Call us on 13 25 54 to arrange a free quote!