Why should you get the specialists to relocate your technology?


Take a look at your keyboard, and mouse, and office phone – how much dirt and grime can you see? Worse still, imagine how much you can’t see! Over time, technology gets used (heavily) in an office, so of course dirt builds up. If the same people use the same accessories everyday, they might not feel the need to clean it, but it can end up looking untidy.

If enough dirt ends up in the keys of a phone or keyboard, it might stop functioning properly, and you’ll need to replace it. When you’re relocating your business, it’s a great opportunity to start fresh and clean every piece of IT equipment before your employees come back to work. Allied can help you.

Why can’t you just move your technology yourself?

When you move with Allied, you can rest assured knowing your equipment will be packed up and set-up correctly.

Your technology might be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, and be vital to the normal operations of your business. If it breaks, or it isn’t set up properly, you could lose days of work, and your employees might not be very useful in the office.

When you move with Allied, you can rest assured knowing your equipment will be packed up and set-up correctly, and tested to make sure it works. We have detailed inventory systems in place to ensure that we transport your sensitive IT systems and components safely to your new premises and have things back up and running just as they were prior to the move.

What’s the advantage of moving with the professionals?

So you don’t have to work on the weekend getting everything sorted, leave it to Allied. We can move on the weekends or after regular business hours, so you don’t necessarily have to lose any hours of work waiting for the new office to be sorted.

Your IT equipment will be in the same condition when it arrives at your new office.

Our moving teams know how to safely disconnect and re-connect cords and machines. We’ll also transport them safely, so everything will be in the same condition when it arrives.

You might be moving to be in a better office location or to be closer to public transport for your employees – even to access more carparks. If you’ve run out of office space and still want to expand your workforce, you’ll have no other option but to relocate your business.

It’s not uncommon to move your business, because leases run out and businesses evolve. The moving teams at Allied understand that, so no matter why you’re moving, give our people a call. We’ll help you get your IT equipment set-up (and cleaned) to the highest standard.