Why might you need to use storage when moving office?


Moving offices can sometimes mean halting business operations, which interferes with your capacity to turn a profit. Nobody wants that to last for long, so getting unpacked and organised in your new office is vital. This isn’t always a smooth operation, however. Utilising the specialised business storage packs from Allied means you can sort out your office in a clutter-free space, and get back to operating as soon as possible.

You can sort out your office in a clutter-free space, and get back to operating as soon as possible.

Packing for an office move usually requires a lot of cabling to be tied up and organised, computers safely packaged for transit, desks labelled, and files sorted. Unpacking an office is the opposite, but you have to organise the cables to match the computers to match the desks, and then plug everything in and test that it all works properly. When your move-in day to your new office isn’t the same as the move-out day of your old office, you’ll need somewhere to store everything.

Why is storage so useful when moving offices?

There are two main reasons why people would use storage when moving offices.

  1. You can’t move into your new office for a few days, but everything has to be out of your old office.
  2. You want to be able to organise the cables and computers and data storage systems with as little clutter around as possible.

In the first case, everything in your office will need to be stored. You can’t just give various items to your employees and ask them to put them in their garages or houses until the new office opens up. Sometimes it might be an entire week before you can move in – you can’t leave your items in the moving trucks either.

In the second case, you’ll be trying to make sure all of the desks are in the right place, and that all of the cables and fittings are where they need to be, plugged in, and working. It’s much easier to do this when you don’t have boxes and filing cabinets and couches and plants and decorations lying around. These things can all be kept safely in storage, so you can focus on getting the working space up to scratch.

The spacious, secure and organised storage facilities at Allied are a must-use when moving office. To find out more about how helpful this option could be, have a chat with your professional and experienced Move Consultant.