What you need to know for your move to China

Did you know that there is no central heating allowed in public buildings south of the Yangtze River in Shanghai? Just a few miles north, buildings are heated thoroughly. This is because of a government energy-saving policy, which is great for the environment, but means you should always have a coat at work. China has many differences to Australia, culturally and otherwise, and knowing a few of the below key facts will stand you in good stead for your relocation to the most populous place in the world.

No need to take your car

driving-down-road-hand-up-in-the-airDriving on the left-hand side will take a bit of getting used to – it’s easier to have a driver take you around!

If at all possible, have a driver take you where you want to go. Locals are used to the driving conditions, and at least until you get your bearings and know exactly where you’re going, having someone who knows the roads will make your transition a lot more peaceful.

It’s also easy to catch a cab, and ask a city driving expert to take you to your next appointment. These services are cheap, and you’ll avoid the stress of driving in a congested city. Public transport in China is excellent, so as an alternative, that is an efficient way to travel.

The culture shock might not be as significant as you expect

When you think about moving to Beijing or Shanghai, for example, you might expect to be the odd-one-out, not quite fitting in or knowing what to say or do. Well, in these two cities, they are highly built-up, feature a lot of Western-style bars and clubs, many expats, and you’ll even find a lot of Western ingredients and brands in supermarkets.

You’ll even find a lot of western ingredients and brands in supermarkets.

Transitioning to these larger centres might be much easier on your family than you expected.

Bring along your furry friend …

But only if it’s a dog or a cat. Customs won’t allow any other animal into the country. Allied uses a specialist provider for transporting pets, and we can direct any questions you might have their way for the most detailed answers. If you do have a dog or cat you want to bring along on your adventure, make sure you’ve spoken to your Move Consultant about it!

Finding your feet in China is not necessarily a difficult process, but you have to be totally prepared for the move. With Allied on your side, you’ll be ready for anything. Get in touch today.