What to expect when moving to Canberra

Mention the word Canberra to anyone from Sydney or Melbourne and you will more often than not be met by unenthused expressions. Canberra has long been labelled as ‘boring’ by many Australians, however, this attitude could not be more outdated! A closer look at Canberra reveals an up and coming city which has plenty to offer those who live there.

With new cafes, restaurants and bars popping up all over the city, Canberra is fast becoming the place to be. As cities such as Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane grow larger, and housing prices soar, more and more people are looking towards Canberra to provide them with the lifestyle that they are looking for.

Work in Canberra

Work in Canberra tends to be more politically focused, and depending on the type of organisation that you work for, you often have the opportunity to make real differences to your community. Many of your clients may be government departments and work will be diverse across multiple areas which are challenging and insightful. It can also provide you the opportunity to develop your professional skills in a stimulating environment.

If you are a corporate looking for work in Canberra then you will find that the office environment is often quite different to the environment found in a city like Sydney, Melbourne or even Brisbane. Many people say that the smaller office size of Canberra means that the workplace environment is a great improvement in Canberra. People working in Canberra will often find the office environment is friendlier, with people taking more of an interest in each other’s lives.

There is large opportunity for people who wish to work in other industries such as sport or hospitality, with Canberra being home to the Australian Institute of Sport as well the largest number of university students per capita.

Lifestyle in Canberra

Canberra has made a world of progress in recent years to ensuring locals are catered for across many spectrums. Whilst everyday life in Canberra can be low key, with low traffic congestion, large open spaces and crowding is kept to a minimum, recent years have seen Canberra welcome a number of on-trend cafes and bars into its midst. Canberra is also a short drive to the iconic Snowy Mountains where winter weekends can be spent on the slopes and summer weekends can be spent going on hikes and exploring nature. The beach is also not too far out of reach as a short 2-hour drive will find you at some of Australia’s best, unspoilt beaches, with stunning scenery on the way.

For those moving to Canberra with families, children can spend their days playing outside in the garden, or on the front lawn with other children from their neighbourhood, something which may not be possible in Sydney or Melbourne due to increased risk of stranger danger and busy suburb streets.

Canberra is home to some of the finest educational institutions in Australia, such as the Australian National University (ANU) and Radford College. Canberra was designed to incorporate lots of large open spaces in its suburbs, making it ideal for people who do not want to feel overwhelmed by high density communities.

australian national university

Canberra is also popular among cyclists, and has some of the best bike lanes in Australia for those who wish to ride to work. For those who enjoy spending their weekends cycling or exercising, Canberra is the place for you. Canberra is fast getting itself a reputation for being a cyclists’ dream with its world-class bike trails and wide-open spaces throughout the city and surrounding areas.

Moving to Canberra

Now that you have been convinced that Canberra would actually be a pretty good place to live and to raise a family, you need to figure out how to get there. When moving homes, the safest way of getting your belongings from your current residence to your new home in Canberra is by using a professional removalist. Allied have over 300 years’ experience moving homes and over 40 locations with dedicated teams in each location.

When you choose to move to Canberra with Allied, you can utilise a number of additional services such as Valet Packing and Unpacking, Pet Transport and Storage. When you move with Allied, our service will begin the moment you contact us for a quote and will not finish until the moment you are safely arrived in your new home.

Transporting your belongings

Here at Allied we have been in the removals business for a long time which is why we understand the ins and outs of a move, and we understand that when transporting furniture long distances sometimes things can happen that are outside of anyone’s control. This is why we offer the added extra of transit insurance to our customers. Here at Allied, we have our own insurance centre, meaning that if the unthinkable happens and you need to make a claim, you will not have to deal with any third-party insurers.

Arriving in Canberra

If your furniture doesn’t all fit in your new home in Canberra, you have the option of using Allied Storage solutions. We can provide you with either short term or long-term storage solutions where your furniture will be kept safe whilst it is not in use. Our storage units are specially designed to provide the right storage conditions for wooden furniture, and to ensure that your furniture remains in perfect condition throughout its time with us.

Once you have safely arrived in Canberra, it is time to get settled in to your new home. People in Canberra have the reputation of being friendly with the same sense of community that is often found in smaller towns. Lifestyle in Canberra is relaxed, but with plenty of opportunity for entertainment. Foodies will love the trendy cafes, cyclists will be in their own personal playground and music enthusiasts will love the up and coming music scene. Canberra is a world class city with a community vibe, and is the perfect city for those who are looking for a change of pace from the hustle and bustle of life in Sydney or Melbourne.