Tips for Moving and Storing Furniture

When putting your furniture into storage, your main objective is that it will be kept clean and safe. Whilst you probably know the importance of using protective materials to cover your furniture chances are you probably don’t know what else to look out for when putting your belongings into storage such, as how to choose the best storage provider.

We have decided to make your life easier by creating a list of our top 10 tips for moving and storing furniture.

1. Make an inventory

Keeping a comprehensive list of your belongings is one of the most important things that you should do when putting your belongings into storage. Keeping a list will help you to keep track of everything that you have in your storage unit as it can sometimes be easy to forget the things that we put in to long-term storage. Some storage providers will do this for you so make sure you ask when you enquire.

2. Know what kind of storage you want from the beginning

Know whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term storage option. If you know that you will not need the items that you are putting into storage for a long time, then you should look for long-term storage options. Often companies will give you a better rate if they know that you will be sticking with them for a longer period of time.

You should also have an idea of the size of storage unit that you will require. The last thing that you want is for there not to be enough room for everything that you want to pack away.

3. Loading your storage unit

Plan the load. Try to have cartons, and well-built, heavy furniture at the bottom of the unit with fragile and light items at the top. Don’t overfill your storage unit. The more things you have inside, the more risk there is that those items come to damage, it will also be more difficult for you to access individual items if required.

4. Use proper protective materials

Making sure that your belongings are correctly protected for their time in storage is essential towards ensuring that you get back the same item that you put in! Using proper protective materials that are specially designed for storing furniture for long periods of time is the first step toward making sure your belongings are kept in their original state. Plastics on all fabric covered furnishings and materials designed to absorb moisture on items such as leather and whitegoods is also recommended.

Whilst your storage company should have systems in place to ensure that there are no insects or vermin anywhere in the storage facility, you can take additional measures to protect against pests. Many good storage companies will give you the option of purchasing professional packing materials which are specially designed for keeping your items safe during storage.

5. Storing whitegoods

When storing your whitegoods, make sure that everything is clean and dried, and that all doors are kept slightly ajar – this will help to ensure that they do not develop any unpleasant scent whilst locked away. You can use desiccant products or even kitchen roll to absorb any excess moisture.

6. Make sure your items are clean

When you are putting your furniture away for long periods of time, you need to make sure that it is properly cleaned. Dirty furniture may, over time, develop mould so it pays to ensure that everything is properly cleaned for storage.

Make sure that your furniture is completely dry when you put it into storage. If any of your furniture is damp or wet, it will increase the risk of your belongings developing mould or mildew whilst in storage. Any dampness will also increase the risk of any wooden items absorbing the water and becoming warped. We recommend getting a soft cloth and wiping it over any furniture that you are planning on placing in storage prior to the date to ensure that everything is completely dry.

7. Take note of the type of storage unit

Something that you need to be aware of when choosing your storage provider is the type of unit that you will be putting your furniture in to. Metal long-term storage units can sometimes become extremely hot, potentially causing fading and warping to your furnishings. Wooden storage units will allow for proper airflow meaning that your wooden furniture will be safe in storage. If your storage unit is made of wood, you will need to be sure that the facility is secure and safe from the elements.

8. Security

Making sure that your chosen storage facility has proper security is important towards ensuring the safety of your goods. Your storage facility should have constant CCTV surveillance as well as electronic gates and fences for entry. Allied do not allow public access to our facilities to ensure minimal risk of theft, as the only people with access are Allied staff. Some storage providers will store your belongings offsite, this is dangerous as it means that your belongings are in the hands of third-party providers and are not under constant surveillance.

9. Value for money!

Make sure that you are getting your money’s worth! Don’t be fooled by storage providers who make you pay a premium, then provide less than adequate facilities. Cheaper storage providers will often be cutting costs on things like security, fire systems, protection against insects/vermin and the elements.

10. Get help!

Getting the help of a professional storage provider to pack your belongings for storage will mitigate the risk of any damage to your furniture. Try to find a storage company that will come to your home and pack your belongings for you, to ensure that they are professionally packed and prepared for storage. Remember, the more times your furnishings are moved and handled the greater the risk. Try to find a storage provider who will load your belongings directly into the storage modules at your home. A good storage company will have professional packing materials that have been designed to ensure that your belongings are kept safe throughout their time in storage.

Want to know more?

Learn more about our short or long-term storage solutions here! If you require assistance packing your goods for storage Allied offer professional packing and unpacking services. For more tips and tricks for when you’re moving check out the resources section of our website.