The Essential Change of Address Checklist

Making a change of address checklist when you’re moving can be helpful to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of your mail or important documents when you move to your new home.We’ve compiled a handy list of some of the people and organisations that you will likely need to notify when you have a change of address. Please be aware, however, that this list is not exhaustive and depending on your individual circumstances, you may have other people or organisations that you need to contact prior to your move.

Post Office

Notify the post office of your change of address and they can arrange to have any mail that is accidentally sent to your old address redirected to your new address. You can redirect your mail online and choose whether you would like it redirected for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months here.

Voter Registration

Make sure you update your voter registration details. Your move might mean that you are now registered to a different electorate. You can do this online by visiting the Australian Electoral Commission website or by clicking here.

Tax Agencies

You will need to ensure that the Tax Office has your correct address. You can do this on your myGov account as long as it is linked to the ATO.


To change the address on your Medicare account, log on to the myGov website and go to the Medicare section. You may need to link this to your account.

Gas and Electric

When you move homes, you may decide to stay with the same provider, or you may decide to change providers. Regardless, you will need to inform your current supplier of your change of address. You should do this up to a week in advance to ensure that there is no lag in getting you connected at your new home.


If you have a landline you will need to make sure that your number is disconnected. If your internet is connected to your landline you will be able to organise both at the same time.

Insurance Providers

Insurance providers will require a current address to ensure that you are covered.

Home or Renters Insurance

Home or renters insurance is important. Make sure that you inform your insurance provider of your change of address so that your policy can be changed to your new address. You may be required to provide documents to support your move and so it is advisable to get this done early.

The Bank

You may need to let your bank know your new address, especially if you have a home or personal loan. You should be able to do this online for most major banks.

Newspaper/Magazine Subscriptions

If you subscribe to any newspapers such as the Age or the Sydney Morning Herald you will need to inform them of your new address so that you do not miss out on any deliveries.


Telling your friends and family is important. Not only do you not want to lose letters if they are sent to your old address but you do not want people to turn up at your old home for a coffee to find you gone. Consider putting out a generic message on Facebook letting people know that you have changed your address. That way you will not forget anyone and if people wish to know your new address then they will be able to message you privately for your new details.

Drivers Licence

Make sure that your driver’s licence has the correct address on it.You can update your driver’s licence online by visiting one of the following sites:

Vehicle Registration

If you have a vehicle, you will need to change its registration address. This can be done online on the above listed websites.

Schools if you have Children

Make sure that you inform your children’s schools of your change of address. Often schools will send letters with important information and you don’t want it going to the wrong address.

Sporting Clubs

Notify sporting clubs so that they know where to reach you should the need arise. They will also need to know your address so that you are able to receive any letters or mail outs.