Retail relocation roadblocks – 3 hurdles when moving a business

Moving a retail business can be a challenge – there are a few hurdles you need to overcome to make sure you don’t lose money, your employees don’t become unhappy, and you’ve balanced the risks with the rewards. IBISWorld reports that the retail industry in Australia is worth $161 billion in annual revenue. If you slip up, there’s a retailer somewhere in the country that could be an alternative for disgruntled customers, so staying on your feet is vital.

If you get it right, however, then relocating a retail business can be a major step in the right direction. The business relocation services from Allied can make sure every part of the process goes off without a hitch. So what are the main considerations you should keep in mind?

1) Down-time

Our teams are practiced in packaging, transporting, and unpacking goods as quickly as possible.

Down-time when moving a business, whether it’s in the retail sector or an office-based company, comes from a few areas. When you or a moving company packs your equipment up, when it’s in transit to the new location, and when it’s all being set up again.

This is all lost time during which you can’t make money, particularly if you move during business hours. To avoid down-time, or at least minimise it, having a professional moving team sort everything out is recommended. Our teams are practiced in packaging, transporting, and unpacking goods as quickly as possible, and we can even assist with planning your move outside business hours and on weekends.

2) Cost

The cost hurdle comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. The first one to consider is the cost of the new space – whether you lease or buy it. If it’s going to be more expensive than your current space, are you going to bring in more revenue because it’s in a more favourable location? If not, then where is the extra money going to come from?

The cost of the move can also be a factor, especially if you break an expensive piece of equipment. If you move yourself, that risk and any subsequent costs should not all things go to plan will be on your shoulders. We also have specialised Transit Insurance to ensure your total protection and minimise risk to your business.

3) Quality results

Moving the location of a retail business can have great results, or poor results. Market research will help you to make your final decision, but it’s never a good idea to move somewhere you aren’t absolutely sure will be good for your business.

Allied is the team to make your retail relocation go off without a hitch, so get in touch today to start the process toward greater profit margins!