Preparing to move: 5 things you could forget


Have you ever forgotten to do something important when you’re moving house? It’s frantic and you’re rushing and you think you’ve remembered everything but then you realise that you packed your passport or important tax information in a box and now you can’t find it.

Making preparations for the big day will make the whole process a lot smoother – but there are some things that could easily slip your mind. You can use the list below when getting ready and packing up your home, so you don’t forget the minute details. What are they?

1) Tell the schools

It can be so easy to forget that schools need to be notified about any change of address.

When you’ve got kids, it can be so easy to forget that their schools need to be notified about any change of address. You can be caught up making sure they’re mentally prepared for the move that everything else just goes by the wayside.

A simple email or phone call to the administrative office at a school is all you need to do to let them know about your change of address. Any paperwork can be filled out at a later date.

2) Empty the dishwasher

This is such an easy one to forget! It might be that you put the dishwasher on a few days before your move, only to be distracted by the mountain of things you have to organise, and it sits there un-emptied, not even crossing your mind.

You’ll have pots and pans, crockery and cutlery, and most importantly, tea mugs in there. These should all be coming with you. To be safe, make sure you use the dishwasher sparingly, if at all, leading up to the big day. If you can hand wash all of your dishes, you won’t forget to pack them up because they’ll probably just be sitting in the drying rack.

3) Find all of your hidden valuables

Australians like to keep everything safe. Budget Direct reports that there are over 200,000 burglaries recorded each year in Australia, so making sure everything is hidden or locked away is a major consideration. However, that means it’s sometimes so well hidden, that we forget where everything is.

If you have hidden jewellery or cash, start your search for these at least a few weeks before the big moving day.

It might be keys outside the front door, hidden somewhere in the garden, or a secret safe behind a cupboard door. You’ll have valuables in these places, or keys to access the house. You’ll want your valuables to come with you, and the keys to be handed over to an estate agent, and not just left lying around where a thief can take advantage. If you have hidden jewellery or cash, start your search for these at least a few weeks before the big moving day.

4) Make sure you have your things for the first night

The Take-With-Me list is an important document – it’s a checklist of what you need to bring with you for your first night, or week, or however long it takes you to unpack your boxes. This should include credit cards, toiletries, tea, some food items, passports and anything else you could need urgently. Put these somewhere obvious so you don’t accidentally pack them into a box.

5) Give the keys to the new owner or estate agent

When you move out, make sure all of your house keys, garage door openers and alarm remotes are in the hands of the estate agent or new owners. These can be expensive to replace, and in some cases, you’ll have to foot the bill if you forget to give everything back. Scan your keyring for anything that belongs to the house, and check in your cars for any spare remotes you might have forgotten.

Moving house can be a great experience, just make sure you remember to sort out these five easy-to-forget tasks! For more help getting your move sorted, get in touch with Allied.