Prepare your bulky items to make moving day easier

To avoid unnecessary costs and drama on your moving day, talk with your furniture removal specialists about bulky items. Some smaller items and appliances may be simple to move yourself, but your home will be littered with larger items – like pool tables, spa pools and washing machines – that won’t easily fit in your car boot.

Your relocation company will let you know the things they can, and cannot, shift and which items will need specialist help. To get your moving preparation underway, here’s how to prepare some of your trickier possessions.

How to prepare your washing machine

Washing machines and driers are heavy, bulky appliances that require special attention. You don’t want to get stuck trying to manoeuvre a washing machine into the back of your car, so make sure you know how to prepare it for moving day.

  1. Firstly disconnect the machine from the electricity source. Wrap the electricity cord up into a neat coil, and secure with masking tape to the back of the washer. This way it won’t flap about, or get caught in doorways as it’s moved.
  2. Disconnect the water hose from the taps or other source. There is likely to still be water in the hoses, so make sure you keep them over a sink or bucket. Drain the hoses and dry them thoroughly.
  3. Stabilise your washing machine. Each machine is different, read the instructions either online or in a manual for your particular machine. For Fisher and Paykel machines, Australia’s most bought washing machine, you will need to fit transit safety bolts at the rear to avoid damage to the interior of the machine during transportation. If you are unsure how to stabilise your model, simply look up the manufacture’s guidelines online, or contact them directly.
  4. Please note, your removalists are not responsible for a washing machine that has not been properly stabilised, so it’s worth spending some time getting right.
Find out more about stabilising your washing machine by downloading your model's instruction manual online.Find out more about stabilising your washing machine by downloading your model’s instruction manual online.

How to prepare your pool table

Moving a pool table is tricky, not only because of the sheer size and weight of the piece, but the fragility of the billiard cloth, or felt. If you’re preparing the table for removal yourself, be aware that it will take a fair amount of muscle and near full disassembly of the whole table.

If you don’t fancy shifting a pool table yourself, this is your cue to call for the experts. They have the necessary expertise to pull the table apart efficiently, carefully pack each essential piece and then reassemble it in your new home. Otherwise get a handful of helpers, it will take more than two or three, and realise it is a little more complicated that it may seem. If you still have the pool table instructions please refer to those.

Pool tables are tricky to move. Hire moving specialists or enlist at least five friends to help.Pool tables are tricky to move. Hire moving specialists or enlist at least five friends to help.

Tools you will need: staple puller, flat head screwdriver, socket wrench, power drill

  1. Remove the pockets. You will need to remove the staples, and unscrew the pockets from the rails.
  2. Remove each rail using the socket wrench. Remember to label each part you remove to make it easy to reassemble.
  3. Be careful with the felt. This is the trickiest part, and can easily go wrong. If you need to remove it, gently pull backwards and never upwards.
  4. Removing the slate is easiest with a power drill. The slate is the part of the pool table that is most vital to keep unblemished as it will affect games in the future. It’s likely that the slate will be in three pieces and these can be carefully laid on top each other for removal.
  5. Remove the legs from the table and protect the wood by wrapping in a drop cloth.
  6. When you reassemble the pool table remember to ensure you have enough room for not only the table, but to use a cue around it

Be aware that disassembling the table is a way to avoid injury and prevent you getting snookered when negotiating tight hallways and door frames. For the best protection of your pool table and your home, speak to the team a Allied.

Other items to think about

If you have any of the following items to relocate, talk to the experts. Each of these are a little tricky, but Allied can help.

  • Lawn mowers
  • BBQs
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Plants
  • Animals

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