Office relocation: 10 must know tips for a smooth move

Organising a stress-free business relocation doesn’t have to be an impossible task. With proper procedure and systems in place, you can move your business efficiently and smoothly. Making an office move go smoothly is what we at Allied do best, so here are our top 12 must know tips for a smooth office transition.

1. Start planning early

Start planning your business relocation well in advance before the actual move date. This will give you time to consider all the different aspects of your office move so that when the time comes nothing is forgotten and the day itself can run without any surprises.

2. Appoint an office relocation manager

Your business relocation manager will be tasked with setting out a timeline for the move as well as keeping everyone informed about updates and developments. Depending on the size and scale of the move, allow them to organise a support team to help them along with the different aspects such as finding a reliable business relocation provider.

3. Be transparent with your staff – Communication is key

Make sure that your staff are aware of an upcoming office relocation as soon as it is confirmed. Your business relocation may affect some members of your staff so you need to ensure as they may need to may alternative arrangements. Being transparent with them throughout the planning process and giving them plenty of notice in the lead-up to a move will help them to transition into their new office space.

4. Donate or sell items that you will no longer need

Moving your business can be a great opportunity to get rid of unneeded office equipment or to upgrade old and outdated equipment. Consider selling your items on sites like Gumtree or donating them to the salvation army. If you have electrical equipment that you would like to dispose of, Allied can provide you with e-waste solutions.

5. Ensure all your IT equipment is tested

If you use professionals to move your IT equipment, then they will organise everything along with setting up your new servers and testing them to ensure that your systems are ready to be used for everyone’s first day in the new office

6. Notify your vendors and update company details

Don’t forget to update any of your customers or suppliers on your upcoming business relocation. Sending out a courtesy email two weeks before your big move will make sure that everyone is up to date and aware. Update your website, email signatures, business cards, and letterhead with your new address and/or contact details.   

7. Use a professional business relocation company

Use a professional business relocations company to facilitate your move. They will be able to ensure that you arrive in your new office location without unnecessary breakages and wasted time.

8. Double check everything

At least one week in advance, double check the internet, phones and electricity will be working for when you arrive in your new location. Check that all relevant permits have been obtained as well as insurance for your new building.    

9. Make sure you have proper insurance

Office equipment is one of your organisations biggest assets, as without it, staff will find it hard to do their work. Make sure it is properly protected through insurance.

10. Throw a welcome party for staff

Get everyone excited about the new space by having a celebration once everything is set up. This will help staff to settle in and make them feel welcomed into the new space.