New Year | New Beginning

It’s that time of the year when we start to reassess where we are at and refocus on ourselves.
This can be the beginning of new and exciting things or opportunities yet to be realised.
It can also be a time where you may consider looking at “other” options in regards to your work or living environment.

Are you happy where you are? You might be nearing closer to a sea-change or just wanting a change of scenery. Big moves or complete lifestyle changes can often be stressful in the beginning, but they don’t have to be! We’ve covered everything that is often forgotten to give you the best chance of taking that leap in 2018, minus the stress.

What do you need – a new career path or a new environment?

What does your change look like? Are you staying local or perhaps looking interstate or even overseas?
Are you currently living away from your family and friends support network?
Do you have that one place where you’ve always wondered what it would be like to live there, whether it is somewhere in Australia or perhaps abroad?

It is thought that the hardest decision will be making that decision and then where to from there?

If it’s a new career path, your first step is to update your CV to make it pop from all the other applicants.
Should that path lead you off shore, be sure to research any visas or employment passes you need and how long they take for approval. Each country has their own requirements that may be your responsibility, your new employer’s responsibility or requiring the help of an Immigration Specialist. Knowing the answers early will eliminate any stress involved with missing deadlines.

Perhaps you’ve noticed potential for you to have an internal transfer within the company that you are currently working with – great job! If so, they may offer some form of financial or practical support with your relocation.
What would you do with your current home? Would you place your house on the market or would you offer your family home as an executive rental?

If you are considering selling, let’s cover the basics before listing your house on the market. Now is a good time to tend to the repairs that have been overlooked for a while. Perhaps engage the services of a stylist, which has proven to increase sale prices with on-trend rental furniture and accessories.

Find a Real Estate Agent that knows the market in your area – one that you feel comfortable with – and then decide, with the help of your Agent, whether to sell by Auction or Private Sale.
Should you consider renting your property, there are always people, much the same as yourself that are looking for executive rental properties.

You will need to consider what, if any, items you will leave for your tenants. This may be your Washing Machine, Dryer or Refrigerator, remembering too that you will be responsible for the maintenance of anything that you leave in situ.

If you are currently renting, remember that you have a notification period that is generally around 21 days, however, this may vary from state to state. You will need to refer to your Residential Tenancy Agreement to obtain the exact notification period.

Your next consideration should be when you plan on moving and making the big change

You may not be aware that there is high and low season in the relocation cycle and as such, there maybe surcharges that are applied. Understanding that you may not be able to avoid these surcharges when you are relocating is something to take into consideration.

As you could imagine, especially when there are children involved, the relocation may take place to fit in with school terms, end of year breaks or festive seasons. Remember that each state in Australia have different school term dates as do the countries around the world.

If you wish to utilise the services of a specialist relocation company to ease the stress of a big move, they may be booked out up to a month in advance of your pending move dates, especially during peak season around December and January.

It is best to be organised and have your preferred company booked in well in advance to avoid disappointment. Should you be planning a December or January relocation, we suggest to have an appointment for a moving consultant to discuss your relocation requirements at least two months in advance of your preferred move date.

In preparation for this appointment, you will need to start thinking about what you would like to have relocated with you. Now is a really good time to sort through your things as we quite often hoard unnecessary things and need a change like this to refresh our belongings.

Some people like to have a Definite, Maybe and Definitely Not list. All the things you can’t live without go into the Definite List, whilst the Maybe list includes the ones you need to think about or that you aren’t ready to let go of just yet. A good rule to go by is: if you haven’t used it in the last year, get rid of it. The items in the Definitely Not list can be donated to a local charity, where someone else will find treasure from your trash – the best type of cleanse!

It’s a great opportunity for you to donate furniture, clothes or toys to those people in your community that maybe less fortunate than yourselves. There are a number of organisations that will come and collect these items from you and all can be found with a quick search online.

Do you have pets? Have you considered if they will be relocating with you?

When moving pets, it’s important to check if there are any medical, blood work, vaccinations or papers that are required specifically for where you are moving.

Will your pets travel with you or will you need to engage the services of a specialist pet transportation company?

Quite often, your pets are the most important part of your relocation process. They are the number one members of the family and their wellbeing is paramount at this time. You need to feel comfortable with how they are going to be transferred and treated during the relocation to keep it as stress-free for them as possible.

Do you have motor vehicles or motorcycles? Can they be transported to where you are relocating? If you’re moving domestically, it might be easy to drive your vehicles to your new destination but interstate or overseas travel will be more difficult without the help of a transport company.

Sometimes, there are special requirements for motor vehicles or motorcycles that are being transported overseas. Have you considered what side of the road they drive on? Sometimes, there are modifications required to your vehicle for it to be compliant with local standards. Have you owned and used them for more than 6 – 12 months (this varies from country to country). Do you own them outright? There may be implications at your new destination.

Another thing to note is the quarantine requirements within Australia and in some countries of the world. There are things that you can and cannot take with you when travelling or relocating.

Western Australia, South Australia and Tasmania, in particular, are extremely protective of their agriculture and as such, there are quarantine documents that need to be completed prior to your relocation.

Depending on the “at risk” items that you have included with your household goods and personal items, you may require a quarantine inspection. This is to safe-guard the environment from any potential diseases or insects that maybe have freeloaded within your shipment. Be sure to know the quarantine rules before you travel so as to avoid being disappointed if you need to throw any items out before crossing a particular border.

There is a lot of food for thought within these lines. Things that may apply to you and things that won’t. Things that you may have already taken into consideration and some things that you were not aware of. Hopefully, we have helped to eliminate any stress involved with a big transition and highlighted the small things that often get forgotten and left until last.

There is no time like the present – carpe diem. You don’t want to be that person that thought: What if? Where would I be, if? You can do it, you know you want to! After all, the hardest decision is making the decision, right? Over to you….

New Year | New Beginning was written by Narelle Hainsworth a Senior Moving Consultant of close to 20 years experience in assisting people, just like you, with their relocation requirements.  Narelle not only has worked with major corporations assisting their personnel to relocate from point A to B whether it is within Australia or around the world.  She has also worked with individuals who are on tight budgets to facilitate their relocation needs.