Moving with a young family? Allied makes it child’s play

Moving with a young family can be tough – if you’ve ever done it, you’ll understand the hassle. You have to make sure the kids know what’s going on, where they’re moving to, why they’re moving, and what their new home will be like.

For some lucky families, the kids take it really well, and treat the whole experience like it’s an adventure. When you think about it, it sort of is! It can be a totally stress-free adventure if you let Allied’ home moving services carry the load for you.

How to prepare your kids for a move

Getting the kids ready to move house, both physically with their belongings and mentally, is vital to making sure everything goes off without a hitch.

You need to be prepared to deal with their emotions, and there will be a lot of them. If you think moving is hard on you, then think about how scary it must feel to little kids! A big new house, a new room, and maybe even a new school and friends. Sure, they’ll get through it, but they don’t think as rationally as you do.

Kids handle their emotions differently to grown-ups - make sure you prepare them as best as possible for what they're about to go through.Kids handle their emotions differently to grown-ups – make sure you prepare them as best as possible for what they’re about to go through.

The professional and experienced team from Allied can get your belongings, and those from your kids’ bedrooms, unpacked quickly and efficiently, making sure every box is where it belongs. This means you can set their rooms up as soon as possible, giving them a familiar space in which to come to terms with their new house.

What practical things can you do once you’ve moved in?

After your wee ones have their old rooms back (just in a different location), they’ll start to settle in. It’s all going to be a big, new experience for them, but you can make it easier:

  • Invite some of their old friends around for a sleepover. This will help them see that their old lives aren’t necessarily gone.
  • If you’ve moved out of state, or far away, their friends could come for a weekend. The kids will not only be having fun, and exploring the new house together, but they’ll be out of your hair so you can focus on getting everything else into the right place too!
  • Quickly find new sporting teams and art clubs for them so they don’t break their routine. This is especially important for helping them find new friends in a new area.

Moving house with a young family doesn’t have to be stressful, but it is going to be emotional. If you let Allied take care of the relocation, you can focus on getting your kids through everything else.