Moving to Germany from Australia

Moving to Germany

Moving home is exciting, especially when you are moving overseas and moving to Germany is no exception. Before you leave Australia, you will need to get started on planning the logistics of your move; choosing a home, booking a removalist, packing up your home, all take considerable amounts of organisation and preparation, so it pays to have a plan in place in the lead-up to your big move.  

Why Australians are moving to Germany

Germany is a beautiful country, rich in history and culture. From Oktoberfest to medieval castles to nightlife to luxury cars roaring along the autobahn, it is a beautiful country which has something to excite everyone who moves there.

For Australian’s moving to Germany, don’t worry if the German you learnt in high school seems to have hidden itself in that dark, inaccessible corner of your brain. People in Germany will typically be able to speak English with some level of proficiency, so you should be able to converse with people and go about your daily activities without any major problems. 

For those motor enthusiasts, Germany is famous for its cars and is the birthplace of some of the world’s most renowned luxury automotive brands including BMW, Mercedes and Porsche. You are sure to get a thrill out of driving on the infamous motorways which have no speed limit, a big change from the strict limits in Australia. Whilst you speed down the autobahn, your family can admire the beautiful surroundings of the German countryside. 

For those who prefer two wheels and an active lifestyle, then Germany is a perfect place for you, with some of the best cycling tracks and paths in the world. The locals love to keep an active lifestyle and it is commonplace to find the roads packed with cyclists on their way to work, lunch or visiting a friend. Because of this, roads are well set up with bike lanes and drivers are always conscious of bikers.

Germany is a central location in Europe, and when living there it is incredibly easy to hop in your car for a drive and end up in Belgium, France, Switzerland or Denmark within a few hours a luxury that we don’t have in Australia. When living and working in Germany, your weekends can be spent travelling across Europe to experience new cities and different cultures. Taking part in cultural activities such as the running of the bulls in Spain or dancing your weekend away at the fete de la musique in France can be your new weekend regular. 

How to prepare yourself for a move to Germany

As with any international move, you will have a lot to prepare in the lead-up to moving day and staying organised can be the difference between a stressful experience and a smooth one.

When preparing for an international move, the first step is to create a checklist and timeline for everything that you need to get done prior to moving. Make sure that this checklist is accessible from anywhere, programs like Microsoft OneNote or Google Docs are great for projects like this as they are hosted online, and you can access them from anywhere, make changes as well as share them with members of the family. OneNote is great as it even has templates for to do lists, so you have a bit of help if you don’t know where to start!

One thing that is advisable that you prepare prior to leaving is a folder with all your official documents, this might include:

  •         Medical transcripts/records
  •         Birth certificates
  •         Diplomas
  •         Naturalisation licences
  •         Marriage license
  •         Insurance policies

 Being prepared for your international move means knowing what to expect from your new home. Make sure that you do your research on your new country so that you avoid any unnecessary culture shock.

How to choose the right removalist

Choosing the right removalist for your move can be another factor which affects whether or not you have a stressful moving experience and a seamless one. Whilst you may be able to find numerous Australian removalists who can offer you a lower, more affordable price, you may find that these providers are unreliable and will leave you with broken or lost items at the end of your move. It is important that you choose a removalist that understands the complexities of an international move and has a global reach so that they remain contactable throughout your move.

How to find the right home for you

Finding the right home is arguably one of the most important and simultaneously most stressful parts of an overseas move. Your new life in Germany might not be the fairy-tale you always dreamed of in you end up living next to a busy main road or over an hour commute to work.

The best way of getting a good feel for where you would like to live is by heading over prior to your move to check everything out. This way you will be able to see first-hand your potential new neighbourhood and will be able to inspect any potential houses during your visit.

If you do not have the luxury of conducting a site-visit before your move, then enlisting a German real estate agent can be helpful in finding the right home for you. You will be able to speak with your agent and ask them any questions you have about your chosen city or neighbourhood. They will know the different vibes of the different suburbs and find the right spot for you. To get ready for conversations with your realter, you should sit down and make a list of all the things you consider to be priorities for your new home. Involve your family if you have one, as they will want to have a say and will have valuable input into the conversation. You know what they say – two minds are better than one!

This list will help your real estate agent as he or she will be able to get a clearer picture of the kind of home that you are looking for.  

Before you leave Australia

Our most important advice for those moving internationally is to double check everything before you leave. This is where your checklist that you made in the early stages of planning your move will come in handy as it will provide you with a list of everything that you need to go over, arriving in your new home to find that you do not have any gas or electricity isn’t what you want!

Arriving in Germany

When you arrive in Germany, you are sure to be feeling excited and nervous at the same time. Getting yourself organised in your new home is easier when you have help, so choosing a removalist who offers professional unpacking services is recommended. Using a professional unpacking service means that you can get settled in to your new home faster and have more time to get out and explore your new city.


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