Moving the Kings Cross Coca-Cola Sign

Allied have become part of Sydney history in assisting with the warehousing and storage of the famous “Coca-Cola” sign which has overlooked the Sydney cityscape for over 42 years. The 41 metre wide, 13 metre high sign was turned off in September 2014 and disassembled, to be updated with an energy efficient LED replacement.

The Sydney Business Relocations team were involved with the project to store the letters from the sign which were auctioned off on eBay and raised over $100,000. The funds were donated to a local Sydney charity, The Wayside Chapel – a charity that offers programs such as health, welfare, social and recreation services for the homeless and those marginalised by homelessness and mental health issues.

Channel 9 and 10 news agencies both covered the story and visited the Allied warehouse and storage facility to take footage where the Allied Business Relocations team assisted in assembling resemblance of the word “Cola” for the story! The team was complimented by both Coca-Cola and the news crews for their efforts during the shoot and we would like to thank the team in becoming part of history and being involved in such a great cause for charity.