Moving Made Easy This Summer

As we head into summer and the holiday period, we often feel like this is a great chance to unwind, relax, and take some time out with our family. Although we tend to find that for many Australians it can be the exact opposite. Many singles, couples and families across Australia use the extra time to move house and settle into the new year ahead. For the families with children that are closing out the school year and planning for the next year upon them, this can be an especially stressful time for all involved.

When moving in the summer season, you are moving in one of the more busy times of year. Many folks are moving around Australia to commence work for government bodies, graduates are fresh out of University about to start their new jobs, and others just looking for fresh starts for the year ahead.

Over this period, the removal industry is at its peak capacity to relocate thousands of families looking to make the move during December and January whilst they are on holidays. It is however critical to use a removal company that is well equipped during this period.

Key considerations for easy summer moving

There are some important points to clarify with your chosen moving company when evaluating their service capabilities and credentials. For instance, some moving companies will provide an hourly rate for their services which may seem reasonable on first glance. Although it’s important to know the finer details of the charges such as the rate. This includes the travel time, packing, and even unloading. Some of the key questions to consider include:

    What depth of resources do they have?
    Are they able to be flexible with your delivery date should settlement change?
    Do they have storage facilities should your settlement or delivery timeframes change?
    What protective materials will be used for your belongings?
    How do they protect and secure the items during the transportation?
    Are they quality accredited through any industry bodies such as AFRA (Australian Furniture Removals Association) or ISO 9001 bodies?
    Are the staff adequately trained in handling your effects?
    Do they provide a written inventory of the items that will be transported so you know exactly what is in the truck and delivered at the end?
    Does the hourly rate include Tolls?
    What level of protection will be undertaken for your soft furnishings and white goods?
    Will they be wrapped in heavy duty felt blankets or just covered with a cloth sheet?
    Will the items be loaded and tied off to prevent movement during transit?
    Will any ornaments or kitchenware be packed in boxes?
    Will the outdoor furniture items be covered during transit to ensure they do not rub up against other fragile items in the consignment and cause unnecessary damage?
    Is packing of the boxes included or is there a per box fee clearly stipulated on the quote?
    Will the company provide a written quotation with clear and concise terms and conditions?
    Will they offer you an option of a “fixed fee” option based on the size of the move?
    Do they offer Transit Insurance policy options for transit trauma, accidents, and collisions that can occur during the move?

Unfortunately, there are many consumers that don’t research some of the above mentioned items when moving houses.

What can seem quite straightforward can turn into a stressful process and sometimes end in heartache and litigation.

Moving house can be an emotional and stressful period in your life, and the last thing you need is to be arguing and fighting over things that can be avoided by using a quality moving provider and paying just that little bit more to get things right – especially when resources are tighter in the summer months.

Choosing the right removalist for the job

Choosing a removalist and doing the due diligence on their experience and reputation are some of the most overlooked aspects to a stress free move. With so many moving companies listed on Google, it would seem that finding a removalist is a straightforward task right? Great looking websites with comprehensive information and images of happy customers – what more could you need to know?

The fact is that many consumers overlook key aspects of some of the finer details behind a successful relocation. Local moving companies who have a truck and appear to be available at the drop of the hat can sound enticing and on the surface appear cost effective. It is the hidden charges that often catch consumers out, especially those customers who may not have moved before.

Unfortunately, most consumers do not know a bad move until they experience one – with varying consequences. Some cases include overcharging, damages, and items that are lost during transit. It is often the case that consumers don’t do sufficient research on moving companies, and unfortunately end up paying the price later on.

Hire a careful mover

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