Moving in a Post-COVID-19 World: What Does Social Distancing Mean for Moving?

With COVID-19 restrictions starting to ease, and businesses beginning to open back up with strict social distancing guidelines, it can be challenging knowing where to start when planning your next household move safely. Listed below are some important steps and strategies that you can follow to make sure your next move is conducted safely, smoothly and with the least amount of stress possible.

Research current guidelines for your state or territory

Each state or territory is following its own guidance regarding COVID-19 safety measures and permitted activities. Before going ahead with your moving plans, find out what rules apply in your current and future place of residence.

Home removal services and associated moving van transportation are widely considered essential, but you may need to file an application to get an interstate move approved. Additionally, you may be required to self-quarantine once you reach your destination. Local moves will generally require fewer administrative steps, but it is still important to find out the latest guidance, as coronavirus-related measures and the National Cabinet’s COVIDSafe plan are constantly evolving.

Request virtual quotes from local removalists

When researching home removalist companies, it’s easy to initiate the quote request online or speak with an agent over the phone. However, some moving companies may wish to conduct an in-person assessment of your property and belongings before confirming quote details.

Despite COVID-19 restrictions beginning to ease, it is still worth inquiring about a virtual home survey rather than an in-person visit. This is a simple way to reduce contact while still allowing you to provide the removalists with all the information they need.

Find out what social distancing measures your removalists have implemented

Whilst speaking with local home removalists ask them about their COVID-19 response, and how they implement social distancing measures. This will ensure both yourself and your removalists are clear about how to follow social distancing practices safely prior to, and throughout the duration of your move.

Choose a provider who will allow you to reschedule, free of charge

Even if you’re feeling healthier than ever, it is worth finding out what happens in the event that you or someone in your household falls ill. When dealing with an interstate move, you should clarify moving logistics if you need to self-isolate upon arrival in your new region.

To mitigate risk, choose a flexible organisation that will either issue a full refund if you need to cancel due to coronavirus-related circumstances, reschedule your moving services to a later date for free, or hold your belongings securely in storage whilst you complete your quarantine.

Start early with planning and packing to reduce moving-day stress

Even if you move frequently, a move impacted by COVID-19 is likely to be more stressful than usual. You will probably have more questions and concerns related to moving day logistics as well as big-picture developments.

To help ease some of your anxieties and concerns, spend some time calmly and confidently developing a plan a few months in advance. This could involve creating a moving checklist that highlights each step you need to take and outlining packing goals, so that you finish well ahead of the big day. Establish a system that works for you and the moving process will seem much less overwhelming.

Remain in contact with your local removalists as the situation evolves

As Australia eases restrictions and things start to return to normal, it is advisable to check back in with your local removalist service from time to time. This ensures that you are following the right steps and that your move is still possible.

If you or a member of your household experience any COVID-19 symptoms, it is imperative that you communicate this to your removalist company. This is important as they will not be able to provide removalists services while you are unwell. Even if you don’t think your symptoms are too serious, this is important in preventing the spread of the disease. The best removalists will allow you to reschedule your move to a later date, free of charge.

Maintain a safe distance from your team of removalists on moving day

The Australian Government Department of Health advises keeping 1.5 metres of space between yourself and others to help limit coronavirus transmission. As such, you should refrain from physical contact such as handshakes or lending a hand during the move itself.

The best thing you can do when working with removalists is show the team around your space upon their arrival while maintaining physical distance. Once they begin transporting your belongings and moving boxes to the van, temporarily isolate yourself with the other members of your household in a separate area.

Clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces

Prior to the move, spend some time disinfecting high-touch surfaces such as doorknobs that the removalists may need to utilise. After they complete their job and have loaded up the moving van, you can go back around your property to sanitise the space once again. Be sure to disinfect your keys before dropping them off with an agent or landlord.

If you’ve decided to rent a vehicle or drive your own moving van, wipe down any surface you would place your hands, from the steering wheel to the seatbelt.

When looking to move locally or interstate as restrictions start to ease, it is important that you work with experienced and trusted removalists. Allied are up to date with the latest Australian Government restrictions and advice surrounding social distancing measures for moving home. Speak to one of our specialists today on for more information and organise a free virtual quote.