Moving from Australia to the UK

The UK is a popular destination for Australians looking to live abroad. Australia’s close ties with England make it accessible to Australians from all walks of life. Whether the decision to move to the UK was family, work related, or just for a change of scenery and to experience something new, it has never been easier for Australians to move to the UK.

What makes the UK such a popular destination for Australians?

Australians have always had a fascination with Europe, its history, it architecture and its countryside. Australia has close ties with the UK, with many original settlers being from the UK. Because of this, many Australians also have family or friends in the UK, making the move to the UK even easier.

For Australian wanting to get a taste of Europe without the trials of learning a second language or being forced into a culture that is too dissimilar to our own, the UK is the perfect destination. The UK has great healthcare systems, schools and is in the perfect location to travel around Europe in your time off. Spending a weekend in Spain or France could become your normal when you move to the UK.

The UK is home to some of the most beautiful countryside in the world, from Loch Ness to Stonehenge, to the beautiful rolling hills of and green pastures of Lancashire to the Incredible cliffs of Moher in Ireland, the UK is a geographical masterpiece.

Here is our checklist for Australians moving to the UK.

If you have decided to move to the UK, here is a list of a few important things that you will need to get organised. Please be advised that this list is not fully comprehensive, however, will serve as a good base for some of the things that you will need to consider surrounding your move.

  •         Make sure you, and everyone in your family has a valid passport

The first thing that you will need to do when moving to the UK is the make sure that you have a valid passport. This may seem obvious; however, you may be surprised at how easy it is to forget something as simple as making sure that your passport is valid in the craziness of an international move. If you are moving with family, be sure to check that they also have a valid passport. If your passport expires shortly after you are due to leave Australia then you should consider getting a new one.

  •         Organise your visa

You will need to organise your UK visa prior to leaving Australia. Visas in the UK are managed by the Home Office. There are several different Visa schemes which are available, so you will need to consider which one is right for you. You can check which Visa you will require here.

When organising your UK visa, you should always check with the relevant government authorities, to ensure that you are following proper visa procedure.

  •         Organise your banking

Opening a bank account in the UK is simple enough, however, you will need to provide them with two different documents – a proof of identity card along with a proof of address document.  The proof of address document may come in the form of a utility bill. You can learn more about opening a UK bank account here.

Keep in mind that the Australian dollar is worth significantly less than the GBP (Great British Pound) so when considering the cost of living in the UK, make sure that you are taking this into consideration.

  •         Health Insurance

The UK has similar health care systems to Medicare here in Australia, so there is no need to worry about the standard of health care that will be available to you in the UK. You will need to register with your local GP to be part of the NHS. This can only be done once you arrive in the United Kingdom. You can find out more about the NHS here and here.

It is important to be aware of the emergency services information of a country before you arrive. The emergency services number for the UK is 999. If you have a medical situation, however, it is not an emergency then you can call 111. 111 is a 24-hour helpline where you will be able to speak to a fully trained advisor.

  •         Prepare to rent or buy a property

Finding a place to live can be difficult in a new country which is why you should be prepared and do your research before you move. Knowing what you what before you arrive will help you to find the home that is right for you and your family. Know whether your current situation will allow you to rent or buy.

Once you have determined this, sit down with your family and have a conversation about what each member of your family would like out of their new home. This will help you to know what you are looking for and make the process of finding a new home as easy as possible. To help you with your home search, contact a real estate agent. They will be able to help you find the perfect place to call home.

Organising the move

The first thing that you should do when moving to the UK is to book your removalist. Booking a good removalist will help to ensure that your move to the UK goes as smoothly as possible.

Allied can provide you with a moving experience that will leave you feeling relaxed and in control. We have been moving people for over 300 years and are the industry leaders when it comes to international moves. Our experiences removals staff receive the highest quality training to ensure that they are completing your move to the best of their ability.

When you move to the UK with Allied, you have the option of choosing from a range of extras. We understand that moving internationally can be tiring and complex, so we are here to ease the load. Choose our Valet Packing and Unpacking services which are specially designed for those who work full time and cannot take time off to pack their homes themselves. With our Packing and Unpacking services, a team of expert packers will be sent to your home to pack everything for you. They will use the highest quality Allied packing materials which have been developed over time to ensure that highest grade protection of your belongings during transit.

Allied can also organise things such as pet transport, home cleaning and organisational services.

Arriving in the UK

Once you have arrived in the UK it is time to get settled in. Allied can help you to get settled in through our Valet Unpacking services. Our helpful staff will do all your unpacking for you, so that you can spend your time doing more important things, like getting out to see the sites and getting to know your new neighbourhood.

Living and working in the UK will open many new opportunities for you, whether they be in personal life or in your work life. Its proximity to Europe means that new opportunities for business and entertainment are at your fingertips, all you need to do is to throw yourself fully into you UK experience.