Moving from Australia to England

Living in England is considered a rite of passage by many Australians. Whether you move to London temporarily in a gap year or permanently with your family later in life, there is no doubt that England is a popular place for Australians looking to live abroad.

As the colder months of winter arrive in Australia and it becomes time for us in the land down under to ditch our sandals for boots and our cotton shirts for woollen jumpers, it is not uncommon for many of us to begin to consider what it would be like to take a leap of faith and move overseas to join our friends over in the UK.

Australia’s close ties with England mean that it can be a little easier than other European countries to obtain visa and working permits, so moving to England is the country of choice for many people looking to adopt a European lifestyle. If you can brave the famously cold and wet winters then your new English lifestyle is more accessible than you might think.

What makes England such a popular destination?

Many Australians who relocate overseas to England say that it is one of the best decisions that they have made in their lives and has given life experiences that have helped them become the people they are today. England’s proximity to the main continent of Europe means that the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures and lifestyles on your weekends and holidays is easier than ever! A two-hour train ride will take you to the heart of Paris where you can spend the weekends tasting cheese in front of the Eiffel tower or exploring art at The Louvre. Travel a little further and you might find yourself sipping wine in Tuscany or skiing in Switzerland if you wish and still make it back to work by 9am Monday morning.

For those who are worried about the high cost of London real estate when considering a move to England, then consider looking at suburbs or towns outside of London as you may find that housing is more affordable. If you are planning on working in the London CBD and do find yourself in one of the outer suburbs there is no need to worry. England is one of the best-connected countries in the world with public transportation systems – so there is always a train or bus which can take you into the city in no time.

Looking for housing outside of the London CBD means that your money will potentially be able to give you a much bigger place to live as housing prices are typically cheaper as you move further out of the city. It could alternatively mean that you have more spending power as much of your pay will not be going towards rent and you will have more freedom to spend your weekends sipping cocktails and exploring the city or travelling throughout Europe.

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Making the Move from Australia to England

Once you have made the decision to move to England it is time to begin preparing yourself for your move. When moving overseas it is recommended to use a professional moving service such as Allied. At Allied, we have over 300 years’ experience moving people locally and internationally so you know that when you chose to move with us, you have the help of some of the most experienced removalists in the world. Our friendly and dedicated staff will be there to help you from the moment you call us for a quote and our service will continue right up until you are happily settled in your new home.

Before you move from Australia to England you should do your best to prepare yourself and become accustomed with what to expect when you arrive in England. Because you are moving overseas it is important that you do your research prior to your departure. England is similar to Australia in many ways but you should take the time to research your new home, their laws, regulations, tax and business requirements. This will help you to avoid any surprises when you arrive in your new home. A good idea is to talk to someone who has made the move previously as they will be able to offer you valuable insights and tips.

Preparing yourself for the move

The first step towards preparing yourself for an international move is to declutter your home. This will help not only the removalists when they come to collect your belongings, but will make it easier on you when you are moving into your new home in England. This is because you will not have as many belongings to organise and will even help you when choosing a new home as you will not have as much furniture. Go through your home and throw away any items that you will not need when you are in England. A good idea is to have a garage sale before you go, to get rid of those unwanted items. If you cannot bear to let go of some of your more important or sentimental furniture or possessions but do not wish to bring them with you to England, then you should consider putting them into storage.

Allied can offer a long-term storage solution which is perfect for keeping furniture and other household items safe whilst you are abroad. Storing your belongings with a licenced storage provider means that they will be kept safe whilst you are away and they are not privy to the same risk factors such as weather damage or theft that comes with storing your belongings in the shed of a family member or friend. Our storage solutions are commitment free so once you have decided that you would like your belongings returned to you all you need to do is give us a call and we will return your belongings to you wherever you are located.

Arriving in England

Now that you have arrived in England and the excitement of the move and new environment has begun to wear off, it is not uncommon to experience homesickness. If you begin to feel homesick, then try to get out of the house and explore. England is a country which is rich with history and culture so getting out of the house and exploring is a great way to distract yourself. Try not to spend too much time talking with your family and friends in Australia as this will make you miss them even more.

Once the European summer rolls around again you will undoubtedly see them again as they attempt to escape the Australian winter and drop in to see you during their travels. Another good way to keep from feeling homesick is to join a local sports team or volunteer group. This will help you to make new friends who will distract you when you are feeling down as well as be able to show you around your new home and teach you about the culture.

Living and working in England will give you opportunity to grow not only your career but to grow as a person as you open yourself up to new opportunities, meet new people and learn more about the world outside of Australia.