Moving from Australia to California

California is known for its glamorous movie stars, endless summers and beautiful beaches, so it’s no wonder that it’s such a popular destination for people from around the world looking to get a taste of the American dream.

What makes California so attractive to Australians?

Australians looking to spend time living abroad, whether that be for work, experience or family related are continuously looking towards California as their destination of choice. But what is it that makes California such a popular place for Australians looking to live abroad?

California is the third largest state in the US, and as such, it can offer those who live there an incredibly diverse lifestyle, with mornings spent sunning yourself on the beach and afternoons skiing in the alps. The Californian landscape is like none other, with salt plains, mountains, lakes and rolling hills, it is a playground for those who love the outdoors. A Mediterranean climate means that every weekend can be spent outdoors, exploring places like Yosemite Valley, Big Sur and Death Valley.

The Californian climate is famous around the world, with its warm sunny days and cooler nights, it is rare that anyone who lives in California will require the use of a heater or air conditioner. Along with the incredible climate, it is overwhelmingly easy to lead a healthy lifestyle in California, as it is one of the largest providers of fresh produce to the rest of the USA. The warm Californian weather means that people spend more time outdoors being active, partaking in outdoor sports like yoga, surfing and jogging.

Being one of the largest providers of fresh produce in the USA means that quality of food in California is outstanding, with food to suit everybody’s needs. When you move to California you can expect to be treated to a diverse range of culinary experiences with tastes from all over the world being brought together in the many world class restaurants and bars.

What you should know before you move to California

Whilst the US and California are predominantly English-speaking provinces, it is a smaller known fact that Spanish is also a widely spoken language, especially in California, due to the proximity of Mexico. When moving to California, it is an excellent opportunity to brush up on your Spanish or even to begin learning! Learning Spanish will help you when it comes to making friends as there is a high population of Mexican Latinos in California.

With such a large state, will almost always come a divide, and this is no different in California. The rivalry between southern California (SoCal) and northern California (NoCal) is as strong as the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney, so choose wisely when deciding where to live in California. California’s size also means that if you wish to travel around a lot then you will need to get your international drivers licence. If your destination is a smaller town outside of LA or San Francisco then you will find that you will need a car if you wish to move freely.

moving to california from australia

Making the move from Australia to California

Moving internationally is a complex process which is why it is always good to get the help of a professional to help facilitate. Allied are here to help when you move internationally, and with over 300 years in the removals industry it is safe to say that when you move internationally with Allied, you are in safe hands.

Here at Allied we are able to offer our clients a service which does not stop at simply getting your belongings from Australia to California. Our services include but are not limited to Valet Packing and Unpacking, house cleaning or connection of utilities.

Choosing your new home in California

When deciding where to buy or rent in California you should take the time to do the proper research before committing. If you will be moving with your family or even by yourself, sit down and make a list of requirements from your new home and lifestyle. This will help you to choose your new home and help you to make the right choice in city.

Moving your belongings

When you are packing for your move to California, you should consider which items you would like to carry with you in your luggage and which items you wish to leave in the hands of the removalists. Keep in mind that delicate items such as photography equipment, computers and musical instruments risk damage when being handled by airport staff and it is best to leave them in the hands of the professionals at Allied. They will ensure that your precious belongings arrive at your destination safely and soundly.

When you move From Australia to California, your belongings will be travelling thousands of kilometres by sea freight. To ensure that your belongings are at minimal risk of damage due to associated risk factors, Allied use only the highest quality packing materials with strict packing guidelines that are adhered to, however, in the rare instance that your belongings become damaged during transit we offer transit insurance. Transit insurance will help you to achieve that extra peace of mind.

When deciding which of your furniture you wish to bring with you to California, keep in mind the size and location of your new home. If you are moving from a big house in Australia to a smaller apartment in LA then you will not need to bring all your furniture with you to the US. We advise putting the furniture you will not require into storage. Allied can offer you long or short-term storage solutions which will ensure that your furniture and household belongings remain safe for the duration of your absence. If you decide you need your furniture returned to you, whether that be in Australia or in the US, we will have it delivered to your doorstep.

Arriving in California

Once you have safely arrived in California, you have the option of choosing Allied Valet Unpacking services. When you choose to have your belongings unpacked by our highly trained staff, you do not need to lift a finger, you will be able to focus on getting settled into your new Californian lifestyle of sun and sand – living the American dream.