Job crisis or opportunity to start fresh?


The Department of Employment’s Leading indicator of Employment points toward slight job growth in the country, but not enough to cut the unemployment rate entirely.

South Australia and Queensland are among the worst states for people looking for employment, yet the Sunshine Coast in Australia’s tropical north is the fifth most popular place to relocate to, according to a report. However, the same report found that people are moving away from inner city and regional areas the most – possibly because of the struggle in these places to find stable work. There’s no need to go about a worldwide relocation just yet, though.

Moving house is just one option you have at your disposal to make finding employment easier. Living in a crowded city and want to get away from people competing for the same jobs as you? What about if you’re living in the country and can’t find a job because there aren’t as many employers in the area? Allied can help.

Where are people moving?

When you’re having trouble finding employment, a change of scene might help.

When you’re having trouble finding employment, a change of scene might help. Moving out of the inner city Melbourne suburbs is proving a popular option, with a 16 per cent loss of population between September 2012 and April 2016. The Queensland outback is the only region that experienced a greater loss (19 per cent).

On the other hand, south-east Tasmania has recorded a 28 per cent increase in population over the same period, and the Southern Highlands of New South Wales increased by 22 per cent. As people leave the city, they are heading for the less populated regions of the country, and this could be due to employment opportunities.

New South Wales has the third-lowest unemployment rate (5.2 per cent) according to the Department of Employment, and the second-highest increase in population. That’s not a coincidence.

Why might a fresh start be the best way forward?

You might be stuck in a job-hunting slump, and it’s high time your fortunes were turned around. The Leading indicator of Employment shows a slight increase in employment options around the country for July, which is the third consecutive increase after nine months of falling confidence. However, it is only an increase of 0.047 standard deviations from the median, and that might not be enough to keep you in the same place, hoping for the right opportunity to pop up.

Take the waiting out of your search for employment, and try something new. Long-distance moving with Allied might be the best option for you.