How to make moving as stress-free as possible

Moving house is generally a stressful experience – you’re literally uprooting your life and moving it somewhere else, potentially somewhere you’ve never been before. There are a few tricks to make the entire process a little more enjoyable, however, and they won’t take a lot of brain-power to implement.

From an easier way to transport clothes locally or interstate to the simplest way to pack your necessities, the big day won’t seem like such a struggle with these handy hints.

1) Pack clothes in “Porta Robes”

The term “Porta Robe” may be unfamiliar for those who are used to folding all of your clothing items into boxes, right?, but it makes unpacking on the other side a whole lot more efficient.

There’s no need to unfold your clothes, and then unpack the iron to make sure the creases are gone before you wear your favourite outfit again. The garbage bag will also protect your clothing from being ripped or marked when in transit, and dust won’t collect on your belongings, which could mark them if stored for a long time. You won’t have to go through the stress of folding and packing everything either!

moving-stress-free-sub1Folding clothes can be such a hassle – so don’t do it when you move!

When you get into your new home, simply hang the coat hangers up and unfold the carton which can be stored away for your next move or recycled. Job done!

2) Make sure the professionals know what’s priority, and what’s not

When your local or interstate removals team from Allied comes to help with the packing process, they’ll have an essentials box. This is the last box packed, and the first one unpacked. It includes things like toothbrushes, medication, the toaster, laptops or phone chargers and anything else you might want urgently.

moving-stress-free-sub2The ‘essentials’ carton is one of the most important boxes.

To make sure you have everything you need as soon as you arrive, it might be worth putting together your own essentials box, or even using a suitcase. That way, you won’t be stressing about your phone running out of battery before you get to work the next day, or not being able to cook breakfast the following morning.

3) Sort ‘the forgettables’ out early

‘The forgettables’ refers to those things that so easily slip through the cracks, but make a huge difference to how prepared you feel when you leave your old digs. They include:

  • Redirecting your mail,
  • Transferring your medical and dental records, and
  • Telling insurers, financial institutions and energy companies (among others who might need to know) about your change of address.

With these out of the way, you’ll be able to focus on what’s important, like making sure your family knows what’s going on and that your new home will be everything you dreamed of. Get in touch with Allied today to see how we can help.