How to Choose a House Removals Company for Your Next Move

The moving process can be overwhelming, especially for homeowners who aren’t prepared. Drastically underestimating the amount of energy and time you will need to dedicate to preparing, packing and removing each and every item from your home is a common mistake. Thankfully, professional removalists can help.

Choosing the right type of house removals service

It’s important to understand the types of services available so that you can consider the benefits of each:

  • Self pack or container removals: This type of company will deliver a large moving container to your property. Once it’s filled up, they will transport it to your new home and take it away after it’s emptied. It’s important to note that you will be fully responsible for packing, loading and unloading the container.
  • Full-service removals: If you need assistance with the entire process, from packing your fragile belongings carefully and securely to lugging large pieces of furniture around, a full-service removalist will do all of this for you.
  • Interstate removals: If you are undertaking a long-distance move, choose an interstate removals company. You can find self pack and full-service options in this category.
  • Local removals: This is a perfect choice for homeowners moving house locally, who can pack their own belongings but will need assistance with the heavy furniture lifting and truck-loading and unloading.

Request quotes and pre-move surveys

Once you have chosen the type of removals service that’s right for you, shop around and request quotes. You can begin the quote process online or over the phone. Generally, you’ll be asked to provide your basic move details and information about how many rooms’ worth of belongings and furniture the move will involve.

Vendors can also do a pre-move survey, which is a brief in-person or virtual assessment of your residence. This task will assist in providing the most accurate quote for your move. It also is a great opportunity to meet in person and ensure that you feel comfortable having representatives of that company handle your belongings.

Compare quotes and covered services

When evaluating and comparing quotes, remember that they won’t always be one-to-one comparisons, as each provider will offer a slightly different suite of services. Look to see exactly what services the removals company can offer and consider how it fits with your needs and budget.

Typical quote components to consider include:

  • Packing supplies, services and fees
  • Removals and transportation service costs
  • Dates of service and expected transit time
  • Storage options and fees
  • Additional services like vehicle transportation and pet relocation
  • Deposit requirements and other payment terms
  • Applicable taxes.

Speak to providers about your specific needs

After reviewing your quotes, you’ll want to reconnect with the vendors to discuss the move details. It’s essential to choose a provider who can adapt to your needs, from your specific moving dates and potential storage needs to additional relocation services for your cars, family pets, art pieces or any other items that may require special attention.

Moreover, if you are planning a move amid the COVID-19 pandemic, you should consider choosing a removalist that supports contactless removals to promote the safest possible move.

Get organised for moving day

Once you’ve confirmed and booked your house removals service, make sure you start preparing for the move early. If you’re doing your own packing, this means purchasing boxes and other supplies to pack up your belongings securely. Remember to label each box with the intended room name and with notes like “fragile” or “heavy” so the movers know how best to handle each box.

If you’ve booked packing services, clear out drawers and get any clutter organized to cut down on packing time, and disconnect any appliances you’re taking. You may also want to prepare your own “arrival” box with essentials for your empty new home, and gather up important personal documents to keep on hand during your move.

Finding a professional removals company that fits your requirements can ensure a smooth transition whether your moving locally or interstate. Allied understands the stresses of moving house and works with you to ensure the best moving experience possible. Call 1800 870 761 to speak to one of our removal specialists for more information.