How hard is moving a business by yourself?

Are you sick of working in your current office? If you’ve been in the same place, going through the same routine, for years and years, then it might be time to spice things up with a new office location.

Anywhere in Australia, from Tasmania to Darwin and Brisbane to Perth, Allied can help with your business relocation. Whether you’re a small start-up with a couple of desks and some pot plants, or a major player in the tech industry with hundreds of computers and machines that require special attention, we’ve got you covered.

Why can’t you just move office by yourself?

Take a look at your current office. Does that system work? What about the specific layout? If it does, then you’re going to want to recreate it perfectly in your new space. Not only will that require you to remove everything and transport it across town, or even across the country, but you’ll then have to set everything back up exactly as it was.

That doesn’t sound quite as easy, does it? Even with your whole team of employees, that means setting up cables and wires, plugging computers in and making sure machines work, having the desks ordered properly and even putting the plants in the right place. Below is a checklist of things that you’ll have to sort out if you decide to go it alone with your office removal:

  • Number each desk according to who sits there, and what team they are in.
  • Number all equipment for every team. Marketing might have more folders and books, while tech might have more computers and devices. It will be a waste of time if these are scattered all over the place at the new office.
  • Organise IT support so that all data, cable and power leads are accounted for before the big day. This will save time setting up on the other end.
  • Create an inventory of everything you’re moving, so you can check it off at the other end.
  • Move everything in a truck, or many, many trucks.
  • Unpack all of the boxes, desks, cabinets, files, computers, chairs and equipment.
  • Sort the entire new office according to the labels.
  • Connect all the computer equipment correctly, and make sure it all works.
  • Wait for employees to arrive.
tech-network-slimDo you know how to set up your network perfectly in your new office? Or will it be a waste of time trying to sort it by yourself?

How can Allied help?

If you decide to move your business with the help of Allied, we can assist you in the complete planning, transport and project management process. Our purpose-built crates and inventory management systems ensure you are in safe hands when moving your office files and equipment. Our technology services can also ensure that we can take care of the IT disconnect and re-connect to ensure you are ready for business at the other end. All you will need to do is wait for the staff to arrive! That sounds like a less stressful experience, right?

Call 13 25 54 today to start your stress-free office move.