Don’t Put off that Sea Change Any Longer!

When considering the move from the city to the sea, often people hold themselves back, as they create excuses as to why such a move is impossible for them. The idea is there, and the motivation is also there, but they tell themselves that to venture out to the coast would be too hard, that they would lose their friends, that there would be nothing to keep them entertained and that working in the city means that they have to live close by.
All of these things that are holding you back only exist within your own mind and once you take that first leap of faith and kick-start your sea change you will realise just how much you were holding yourself back.

‘If I move to the coast I will lose all my friends’

Moving to a coastal town will not cause you to lose friends but will give you the opportunity to create new connections with new people. Small towns are largely community focused and there are plenty of opportunities to mingle and develop new friendships. There are many different clubs and societies that you can join in order to meet the locals, for example the local football/netball or boat clubs.
When the seasons begin to warm up you will find that you become increasingly popular amongst your city friends and family as well, as they too begin to feel the need to escape the heat of the city. For those of you who have made the move as a retirement choice, it is a sure way of guaranteeing that your children come to visit you on a regular basis as it adds that extra draw card!

‘The commute to work is too far if I move to the beach’

With new schemes from the government to improve transport facilities it is easier than ever to work in the city and live by the sea. New and improved freeways mean that the drive from coastal towns to the city for work is faster than ever, and for those people who don’t have a car to drive or are worried about parking, our trains are of a world class standard meaning that you can do the commute in no time at all.
If you do not want to travel to work, there is plenty of opportunity to find new employment in your town or in a nearby town. Whether that means a career change or even taking a leap and starting your own business.

‘I would miss the entertainment and nightlife of the city’

Whilst it’s true that cities offer a wealth of entertainment and high level excitement, living in a coastal town can provide you with equal amount of things to keep you busy. Farmers markets, beach side cafes, boutique stores, town hopping, and the ocean itself will be enough to keep you occupied during your spare time. Joining local clubs and societies will also help to keep you entertained, as organisations such as football clubs and Rotary are constantly holding social and community events.
If its bars that you will miss then don’t worry, coastal towns may not exhibit the modern and on-trend bars that can be found in cities, but they do boast their own special kind of nightlife. Pubs can be found on every corner in small towns and they offer friendly and cosy vibes that cannot be found in city bars.

“I would miss my current house”

Housing and land in the city is expensive, especially if you are living in the inner suburbs. Selling your house could mean that you are able to upsize and upgrade as you move to the sea, as housing prices are typically lower in these towns. If you are moving with children this means that they have more room to run around and that parents have more opportunity to escape for some peace and quiet. Bigger houses mean more room to entertain guests and that backyard barbeques are more of a possibility.

‘I’m too busy to move homes’

Using a service such as Allied Pickford’s to move homes takes the pressure off moving. Our highly trained removalists will work with you to safely pack up and move all your belongings to your new home, including your furry friends!
The team at Allied Pickford’s offer a diverse range of services to help your move go as smoothly as possible. Our services include:

  • Valet packing/unpacking
  •  Vehicle transport
  • House Cleaning
  • Handyman
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Transit and Storage insurance

With these services, we have helped thousands of individuals across the country with their moves. Whether you are moving as a retirement decision or simply because you would like a change of scenery, it is never as hard as you think it is and you just need to take that first leap of faith.