How to move interstate cost effectively

Moving homes can be both a complicated and exciting process, especially when you are moving interstate. You want to make sure that you are doing it in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

There is no doubt that moving interstate will incur a number of costs, and before you know it – the costs really start to add up! That is why we took some time to compile these 4 steps that you can take to keep the costs down if you are moving interstate on a budget.

  •         Step 1: Get rid of clutter
  •         Step 2: Choose a reputable removal company
  •         Step 3: Plan and book your move in advance
  •         Step 4: Pack strategically

Step 1: Get rid of clutter

The first step to ensuring that the cost of your move is kept down is to reduce the size of your move. The cost of a move is calculated depending on a range of factors, one of the main ones being the volume of items being moved.  

The best way of keeping the volume of your move down is to get rid of things that you do not need. Consider which of your belongings you really want to take to your new location, and give away or donate items to charities that you do not need.

Consider things like “Do I really need 4 frying pans?” and “How many of these face creams do I really need to take with me?”. You might be surprised by how much unnecessary stuff you have accumulated over the years. You might even be able to make some extra money by selling them on online auctioning sites such as Gumtree or Ebay.  

Step 2: Choose a reputable removal company

Choosing a reliable removals company is the first step toward ensuring that the cost of your move stays low. Whilst the actual cost of the removalist might not be the lowest comparatively – moving with a reputable company will save you money in the long run as well as improve the entire nature of your move.

Using a reputable removals company means that staff will have received a higher standard of training and will be less likely to damage your precious furniture.

How to make sure that your company is a good one:

  •         Do they offer an hourly or a fixed rate or both?

Be cautious of interstate removalists who work on an hourly rate as you may find that they take a significantly longer time to complete the job than those who work on a fixed rate. If the removalist is working on an hourly rate, you may find a 4-hour job turning into a 7-hour job.

  •         Do they have their own office at the destination?

Quite often when moving interstate, you may require short term storage whilst you are waiting on settlement or renters moving out. This is where smaller companies offering cheaper services can run into trouble where they have to off load your effects in order to pick up the next customers goods and clients then become stuck.

  •         Do they offer transit insurance and have accreditation to do so?

Government legislation requires anyone who offers insurance to hold an Australian Financial licence or be accredited by a legal entity that does. Whilst items are wrapped and packed for safe transit, sometimes, external factors that are outside the control of the removals company mean that things get broken. This might include fire, flood or road accident. Furniture is not made to be moved, and sometimes the movement of the truck coupled with the vibrations from the road mean that antique items suffer. It is always best to make sure that you are insured against this kind of event so that you do not pay the (potentially costly) price later on down the track.  

  •         Are they AFRA certified?

The Australian Furniture Removers Association monitors registered removalists and outlines a code of conduct which ensures that the removalist is maintaining good practices and standards. These cover a wide range of areas including equipment, vehicles, premises and staff training to ensure a successful and professional removal service.

Allied are AFRA certified removalists

Step 3: Plan and book your move in advance

Planning your move in advance is essential to ensuring that you get a good rate. Like with any industry, removalists have a busy and quiet season. Booking your move during peak seasons will mean that the rate you are given during peak season will be less competitive.

Moving mid-week is a great way of keeping the costs down during an interstate move as removalists will often offer a cheaper rate midweek. Autumn and Winter are also often likely to get you a cheaper rate as this is when many removals companies experience their quiet season.

Planning in advance means being prepared for when you arrive in your new home. Being prepared for your arrival in your new home is important when looking to keep the costs down, and waiting until the last minute to organise things such as utilities, WIFI, or storage for things that do not fit in your new home means that you might not be getting the best quote.

Step 4: Packing strategically

Packing can make all the difference during a move. The way that you pack has an impact not only on the volume of your move but also on whether things get broken in transit.

Packing takes time, and if you work full time you may not have a lot of spare time to pack your belongings on weekends. If you work for yourself, or if you are a casual worker, you may not be able to afford to take time off work to do the packing yourself.

You should check whether your removals company offers packing and unpacking services. Getting the professionals to take care of all your packing means that you do not have to waste hours of your time doing it yourself. When you use professional packing services your belongings will be packed to ensure that they are as safe as possible during transit and at minimal risk of damage.

If you are flying to your new home, you should consider whether your airline allows you complimentary checked baggage. Checked baggage is often quite costly and so it may be more cost-effective to leave your suitcase with the removalists and stick with just your carry-on luggage.

Allied are the professional moving company who are able to offer you a fully comprehensive removals and storage service, from insurance to packing, and everything in between. We have been moving people around the world for over 300 years and with our experience, you can be assured of a move that goes smoothly. Contact us on 13 25 54 today to get a quote.