Allied wins International Moving Company of the Year again!

For the fourth year in a row, Allied has won the International Moving Company of the Year Award! This award is open to entries from all over the globe, from moving companies that provide exceptional service, regardless of the circumstances.

Allied has once again demonstrated that it does exactly that. As a part of the submission process, we had to:

  • Demonstrate how Allied tracks and monitors local and international relocations;
  • Show our communications processes between moving teams and clients;
  • Inform how we respond to exceptional requests; and
  • Provide three supporting documents, such as case studies or testimonials, proving the value of the Allied service to its clients.

No small task – but once again, the experience, expertise and training that Allied provides shone through for the judges and something our team members are very proud of.

untitled-2Allied wins again!

What is the award all about?

Awarded by the Forum for Expatriate Management (FEM), and falling into the Expatriate Management and Mobility Award (EMMA), the Summit is a chance for moving companies from around the world to come together and improve their operations and service by hearing from global leaders in the field.

In 2016, more than 30 presentations by senior global mobility leaders were planned. There were interactive presentations where delegates were asked to assume responsibilities and solve real-world problems. There were ideas being floated about the best ways to improve technology in the workplace, from tracking to communication to engagement.

Allied’ presence at the FEM Summit is great news for all of its customers around the world. Hearing from world leaders in the relocations industry is fantastic for improving how we operate. There are many practical items on the agenda that give us ideas about how to improve best practices, success rates and even compliance with immigration and border control.Is the FEM Summit a useful tool for moving companies?

For years, Allied has been attending this conference, and our customers are feeling the positive effects. Being in operation for almost 400 years means we’ve learned a thing or two about the key fundamentals of customer service that our customers expect, however, we are committed to continuous improvement and listening to the voice of the customer at these events.

For more information about why Allied is the right choice for your next move, get in touch with the team today.