Allied Staff Take on the Kokoda Track

Here at Allied, we’ve always known that our staff are a group of exceptional individuals. As a rule, their dedication and determination in everyday life leaves us feeling inspired on a daily basis. Jode and Tom of our Newcastle office are no exception to this rule.

These two outstanding individuals, along with 15 of their most determined and adventurous friends will be heading over to Papua New Guinea on the 16th of April 2018 to take on the infamous Kokoda Track.

The Kokoda Track is internationally recognised as one of the most difficult hikes in the world, spanning 96 kilometres across highly difficult terrain. The track holds a special place in the minds of Australia and New Zealanders as we remember the ANZACs who fought and died for our countries along it during the Second World War. Every year, thousands of Australians and New Zealanders push themselves to the edge along the trail in order to experience and explore the spirit of the ANZACs.

The track can take hikers anywhere between 4 and 12 days to complete depending on experience and fitness levels as well as weather conditions.

Whilst this daring group have many different reasons for deciding to undergo such an arduous challenge ranging from mid-life crisis to the want to walk in the footsteps of grandfathers and ancestors, they can all agree on one thing. That this will be an experience that will challenge them not only physically but mentally as well.

The group have been taking part in regular group training sessions in order to prepare themselves for this challenge, and have full confidence in their ability to achieve their goal.

All donations received for this expedition will go directly to charities for mental illness, bowel cancer and motor neurone disease. This common goal to raise money for causes which are close to their hearts will motivate the group to keep going as each person has been directly affected by these 3 illnesses in the past.

Here at Allied we wish the group all the best in their endeavours. If you wish to donate to their cause click on the link below.