5 things to look for in a furniture removals company

Picking a furniture removals company is tricky business, and the data shows that not everybody winds up happy with their choice.

Between 2017 and 2018, Consumer Affairs Victoria reported that the organisation had logged more than 700 complaints about companies handling removals of furniture and freight – an increase from 580 the previous year.

Australian consumers have the right to seek redress if they feel that their move has not been handled adequately or appropriately by their chosen removalist, however, it’s much better to avoid that headache in the first place, instead of trying to rectify the situation after your belongings have already been lost or damaged.

Fortunately, it’s not too hard to identify a reputable furniture removals company. Here are our top questions to ask yourself, and your potential removalists, to decide if you’ve found a professional moving company or a dodgy operator.

1. Do they have the capacity to handle your move?

First of all, consider where you’re moving. Are you just transporting a few larger items down the street, packing up and moving to a different suburb, or perhaps you’re relocating to a new home interstate? Maybe you’re even moving abroad to New Zealand, Europe, USA or elsewhere overseas.

Ask yourself if the furniture removalists you’re working with can truly handle the move. Most reputable service providers could handle a local move, but be sceptical if you have to ask somebody directly to find out if they can do an interstate or international move. If it’s not listed on their website but they say yes anyway, they could be improvising.

2. Do they have the right equipment?

It takes a lot more than access to a truck or van to provide quality end-to-end furniture removal services. Ask yourself if the business you’re considering can demonstrate that it has access to the kinds of equipment needed to properly complete the job.

This includes special packing materials and know-how, a fleet of vehicles in superb working condition and equipment for assisting removalists with lifting, sliding and transporting heavy, bulky items. If you have any unusual objects that need moving (like pianos for instance), verify that the company has experience transporting specialty items.

3. How are their employees trained?

Poorly trained furniture removalists are a danger to themselves, their co-workers and your belongings. Don’t risk an injury or property damage due to hiring underprepared staff for your next move. Ask detailed questions about the training process that employees undergo for any furniture removals company.

Does the business have a training academy for its workers? If so, consult with the removals company to make sure that new hires are adequately informed about moving, removals, customer service, safety, inventory tracking, packing and proper documentation.

4. What’s the insurance situation?

It is important to check with the removals company about their insurance policies and what processes they have in place if something unexpected occurs. This will help minimise the risk of damage to your personal items and offer you options if the move doesn’t quite go as planned. If the removalist is resistant or does not offer an insurance solution we recommend that you keep looking.

Allied for example is the only household moving company in Australia to have its own Financial Services License. We’re ready to insure your possessions up to their full replacement value, and offer flexible financial packages.

5. Are they certified?

Be wary of furniture removals companies that aren’t certified by an independent third-party professional organisation. Without that seal of approval, there’s little to reassure you that the business you’re thinking about hiring meets minimum industry standards.

In addition to other organisations, look for the badge of the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA).

AFRA certification means that the company:

  • Provides quality service
  • Keeps its office in order
  • Meets equipment and vehicle standards
  • Maintains high-quality storage facilities
  • Provides excellent training

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