5 things that can go wrong when you move house

There are approximately 300,000 items in the average household, as stated in a Becoming Minimalist article. When you decide to move house, particularly from overseas, there are a few things that can go wrong – especially when you have over 300,000 separate items to transport!

Even our children are contributing to the clutter. Research from The Telegraph UK in October 2010 suggests 10-year-olds have upwards of 200 toys, but only play with an average of 12 of them. When you move house, it’s a great time to sort out and be ruthless about the amount of ‘stuff’ that you own. It might be a good idea to throw some of it out! However, what you decide to keep will be dear or important to you, so you’ll want to look after it.

That’s why turning to the professionals at Allied is the right idea for any relocation. Below are five things that can go wrong in a move, and how we help to minimise the risks and take the stress out of the situation:

1) A traffic collision

When you move by yourself, you have to use either your own vehicle, borrow a friend’s, or hire a truck. If you go with the latter option, you’re probably going to be unfamiliar with how it works, and how big it is. If you have an accident in the vehicle, you lose the bond you put down, and you’ll have to pay for the insurance excess!

truck-driving-highway-blogDriving a truck – even a small one – is very different to driving a car.

If you let the professionals at Allied handle it, you’ll have an experienced driver behind the wheel and a fully trained team behind you to wrap and transport your personal effects to ensure their ultimate safety.

2) Container overboard

Singularity Hub reports that approximately 10,000 shipping containers are lost at sea each year. That’s a lot of valuable equipment sitting on the bottom of the ocean, and you’ll be hoping the same thing doesn’t happen to you. Unfortunately, once the containers are loaded onto the vessel, they’re at the mercy of ‘Mother Nature’.

If you don’t have the appropriate insurance, then a lost container is just that, and you are susceptible to not having any compensation for sunken items due to international shipping rules and regulations. Allied has a comprehensive transit policy available and an in-house insurance team that understands what people moving house need should this unfortunate event occur – we can look after every aspect of the move, no matter where you’re moving around the world.

shipping-container-yard-blogIs your shipping container covered if it’s lost overboard?

3) Lost goods

Research from E.ON in the UK, reported in the Express in April 2015, suggests that 61 per cent of people consider moving house one of the most stressful experiences of their lives. That’s according to 2,000 Britons who moved house between 2012 and 2015. The average Briton also moves about five times in their lifetime, and the stress of doing so lasts up to three months each time.

That stress can be exacerbated if you lose your valuables, or if things get misplaced in boxes that aren’t labelled properly. To avoid this, make sure you let your Move Consultant from Allied give you some tips or visit our YouTube channel!

4) Broken appliances

It might even just be a few plates or tea cups, but it’s always annoying.

Broken goods are common when moving house by yourself. It might even just be a few plates or tea cups, but it’s always annoying. There is nothing more frustrating than having to replace things, which could add to the amount of time you take off work and the amount of money the move costs. The preparation and packing of whitegoods and furniture items is critical to ensuring a successful and stress-free move. Our fully trained teams have all the padding and protection your items need to ensure they travel safely to your new location.

Allied has purpose-built containers and boxes that will help keep your belongings safe.

5) Too much time off work

If you have to handle the big move by yourself, then you’ll probably be taking time off work. If it doesn’t go as planned (because of the weather or your vehicle) then you might have to take more time off than you planned, which can really set you back. The other important consideration is the risk of injury, as moving furniture is a specialised profession and many DIY movers can hurt their backs – also leading to longer lasting injuries and more time off work and at the chiropractor!

Let the professionals take all the stress out of the move, and talk to Allied today.