3 signs it’s time to move office

No office move is taken lightly. It could be a big use of your time and resources relocating people even from one building to another. On the larger side of the scale, you could be moving your business to a completely different state, and that’s going to take some real planning.

Obviously, you’ll want to weigh up the pros and cons of moving a business in Australia first – most importantly, whether you think you need to or not. Does your business show any of these common signs it’s time to move office?

1) You’ve simply outgrown it

You may be surprised at how quickly your company can grow. A few investments in new equipment here, a bit of recruitment there, and suddenly you’re packed into an office that resembles a sardine can.

This can work up to a point, but like a big fish needs a bigger pond to grow, so does your business. Take a look around and see what space you have to potentially grow into. If the answer is “not a lot”, it could be time to think about – and budget for – a move somewhere down the line.

You may soon need a bigger plot for your budding business.You may soon need a bigger plot for your budding business.

2) Rent prices are going through the roof

The real estate boom won’t have escaped the notice of any business owner, and CoreLogic stats shine an even greater light on it. Units in Australia’s five biggest capital cities have grown in value by 10.68 per cent in only the 12 months to May 2016. Such a dramatic hike in property values often correlates with high rental and lease costs, too.

“There is nothing permanent except change.”

In the December 2015 quarter, New South Wales rents rose by an average 3.1 per cent, while that number fell across the country by 3 per cent. Are you getting the best deal from your property owner, or will a move today save you thousands of dollars further down the line?

3) You think it’s time for a change

As Greek philosopher Heraclitus once said: “There is nothing permanent except change”. Moving offices shouldn’t be seen as a negative, but an opportunity for a creative refresh.

Sure, a corporate relocation will involve planning and budgeting, but it can work in your favour, inspiring your employees with a change in surroundings. Do you think your staff are in need of a bit of reinvigoration?