3 horror stories to avoid when moving house

Have you ever tried moving house by yourself? What about when you ask your mate with a ute to help, and most of your belongings end up squashed, smashed or chipped? Moving house, whether locally, interstate or even internationally, is a stressful process at the best of times, but when you don’t turn to the professionals, it can be a whole lot worse.

Allied has a trained team of expert local, interstate and international removalists to help you move into your new home free of stress – don’t get caught in one of the horror situations below by trying to go it alone!

1) Olympic weightlifting isn’t for everyone

Even if your closest friends go to the gym, own a truck and promise they’ll help you move for the low, low price of a case of beer, it doesn’t mean you’re going to be happy with the service.

Lifting heavy furniture takes more than just muscle – you need to know the best ways to lift something safely, to carry it to the vehicle, and finally to pack it in the vehicle while you load everything else in. At the new place, the reverse needs to happen. If your friends don’t protect your furniture and valuables properly, you’ll find more than a few scratches left behind.

Just because your friends are strong doesn't mean they'll make good removalists!Just because your friends are strong doesn’t mean they’ll make good removalists!

2) Look out for local ads

There are so many helpful people out there offering their vehicle and service to help you move – but how can you know who to trust? If you pick an ad from a local newspaper, you’re just as likely to encounter thieves as the friendliest people on the planet!

Don’t get caught out trying to get the cheapest deal – ensure you’re getting quality furniture removalists. The pain and stress of not having things go the way you want them to lasts far longer than the actual move itself. There’s no substitute for quality, and that warm feeling of having a stress-free move will last a lot longer than the thought of the cost.

Moving boxes from Allied are specifically designed and fit for purpose – from packing all aspects of  kitchen items through to the bedroom/wardrobes, as well as the lounge/dining room and garage/sheds. Allied cartons are Australian made of the highest quality recycled corrugated board as well as the best in sustainable Kraft paper for enhanced carton strength.

3) Not all boxes are created equal

Don’t get caught out trying to get the cheapest deal.

If you’re going it alone, moving all of your belongings will require boxes. Boxes upon boxes upon boxes! The problem with many that you choose is that they aren’t designed to hold heavy weights for long periods of time.

You don’t want to pack all of your books into a box, start walking to your vehicle in the rain, and then have the box split open and drop all of your favourite novels and poetry anthologies on the wet ground! Cartons from Allied are designed to hold up to 400 kilograms, meaning you can fit more in, and make less trips. They’re also reusable and totally recyclable to help protect the environment.

What to do instead …

To avoid the most stressful moving situation you can imagine, make sure you don’t just go for the cheapest option from the local newspaper. You can’t trust every cardboard box that you get your hands on, and your strongest friends might not be as protective with your furniture as you’d like.

The friendly team at Allied are trained to provide the smoothest, safest move, for you, your pets, your furniture and even your automobiles. Get in touch with the team today!