Allied has made a significant investment in internet-based technology that enables us to provide an online removal tracking system for International relocations. We call this system Globalcom.

Globalcom will deliver the following benefits to the client and their relocating employees:

  • Ability to track each consignment from origin to destination via the internet
  • Graded access to the system, which enables employees to review the status of their own consignment only, whereas client management would have the ability to track and report on the status of consignments of all employees.
  • Database ‘refreshes’ every 30 minutes or less to provide the client and their relocating employees with access to the most up-to-date status on each and every consignment

Subject to the security authorisation the client wishes to grant users, Globalcom provides the option to view:

  • Policy information specific to an individual employee
  • Survey dates
  • Pack dates
  • Ship dates
  • Port and custom clearance dates
  • Storage dates
  • Final delivery dates
  • Exceptions to policy
  • All subcontractor costs and services
  • Notes and communication
  • Cost estimates


Our corporate clients may have a special need for reports which derive data from Globalcom and which fit into their own Head Office requirements. To the greatest extent possible, Allied will assist our clients by extracting Globalcom information into a customised format.